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Pep Talk: The Intro

Yo what’s going on.

I will be running the latest feature on the site, “Pep Talk,” so allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Pep. I am a young handsome man who has frequently been told I look exactly like Denzel Washington. I am very rich in seven different video games, owning business in two of those games. But enough about my success, let’s talk about my feature.

“Pep Talk” is about the dumb ideas and mistakes people such as musicians, actors, and professional athletes make in their life. I’m here to well…give them a “Pep talk” about the dumbass things that landed them in my corner and also TRY and give them advice.

And before you say “Pep who are you to give them advice?” Well I’m a Denzel look alike with an opinion and the rest of my credentials are listed above, so keep your eyes out for the latest Edition of “Pep Talk.”

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