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Published on August 3rd, 2011 | by Queso


Best of EVO 2011: Quotes

Commentators, these are the guys that add context to otherwise complex situations that make no sense. (Watch High-Level Marvel play) They have just the right amount of insight and knowledge that can make even the newest of watchers experts of the game. EVO was no different. The stream this year was packed with that lovable back and forth banter that all sports fans are used to, breaking down the mechanics of each game to an understandable level. But in-between the play by play there were a few moments of comic gold. Here are some of our favorite lines.



Capcom’s Seth Killian was a gold box of witty lines all weekend but his best came during Marvel top 8 qualifiers:

“If you are going to serve me that on a plate, I will eat my dinner.”

“You’re going on project runway, this is going to look so stylish.”

“Maybe he needs to drink a little of the Mike Ross sauce.”


Mortal Kombat Grand Finals was a comedy club, with Aris and UltraDavid trading lines all night:

Reo (Mileena) just  performs the pit fatality on PerfectLegend (Kung Lao).

UltraDavid: “What’s that gold thing sticking out? What part of his body is gold?”
“I’m gonna say that’s his duwodnem . . .”

UltraDavid: “What is the opposite of rap to you?”
Aris: “White?”
UltraDavid: “Your half way there.”

Ultra David “He’s got the salt”


Even Tekken could not stop the banter:

KayoPolice stepped in to do some guest commentary for Tekken, Aris had this to say about his guest after she stepped away. (Video here)

Aris: “Man! And she smells good to . . . Ya know? (laughs) Crazy. I’m in love dude.”
Audience member: “What does she smell like, dude?”
Aris: “She kinda smells like . . . a chick. (laughs)  It’s weird.”


Street Fighter was not left out…

What expert knowledge did they have to share about Fuudo landing his Ultracombo on Latif

James Chen: “That is what we like to call in the online world, ‘Random Ultra’.”


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