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Published on August 30th, 2011 | by Champagne Charlie


Halo Reach: Fall Update

Hey, whats going on guys? This is Charlie checking in with ya’ll today. I know I usually bring you guys Hip-Hop news & stuff but Boman thought it would be good for me to talk about the new updates that Halo: Reach is adding to the game next month. Boman told me these exact words, “Aye! What’s good!? Yo Charlie, seeing how you be whooping ass on Halo all the time, can you review the new updates and tell em’ to the people?” I replied “Sure Boman, why not?”


At the first Halo Fest event, they said they’re making a couple of real controversial changes with the game. Well, the first one is with armor lock; instead of becoming an invulnerable monster who can’t take damage when locked down, you can now no longer detach stuck plasma grenades. So once you get stuck, you better jump toward your partner and take him down with you or die lonely. That makes no sense because what’s the point of armor lock anyway now if you can’t withstand a sticky grenade? Also with armor lock, there’s something they call “Shield Bleed-through.” This is when you’re in armor lock and you have only a fraction of your shield left because the enemy, and probably your partners, have thrown grenades and shot at you, the rest of that will now carry over to your health. That’s a pretty big change if you ask me.

Other changes include having an option to remove reticle bloom. Now your wondering, “Charlie, WTF does that mean?” I don’t really know either but I’m pretty sure it’s when your shooting and your aiming sight gets larger. Also, you know when you see a guy running at you with a sword and you start thinking “Ohh, I’m gonna get his ass by blocking it with a melee. Nope….no your not; that is no longer an option. Only the sword can deflect a sword attack. So if there’s only one sword on the map and the other didn’t spawn back yet, your out of luck. Another one is the one we’ve all been waiting for, and that is the old Halo: Combat Evolved pistol. They always say that so I won’t believe it ’til I see it.

Well, what do you guys think about the changes? I agree with most of them except the armor lock crap. Well I’m outta here. Hope I could help you guys out and if any of you want to get whooped, add my gamertag: iTz AMP BOII 13.

Another Take: RCQ Graphic Designer Fluitt

Oh ok, well in my opinion, I think the game changed too much too fast, especially for veteran halo fans. They took the ingenious Halo concept and essentially made it something totally different. I think the changes (from what I read) are attempting to restore some of the originality of Halo itself. But, regardless of any changes they make, it will never be like the OG Halo series. It’s disappointing to know that the Reach system will be implemented in future Halo multiplayer.(Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary)

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