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Review: Take Care – Drake

What’s up everybody? This is Charlie invading your homes and taking shits in your bathroom and not flushing……that may have been a little too much. Well, at least I broke the ice pretty quick. Anyway, today I’m bringing a review for Drake’s Take Care. Everyone’s favorite Jewish rapper is ready for his sophomore effort. Thank Me Later got him warmed up but what about Take Care?

Now first off, Boman brought to my attention that most of the production for Take Care was handled by Noah “40” Shebib or T-Minus. I can’t blame Drake for going that route; listen to the music these guys are making. Shit cray!

The album starts off with “Over My Dead Body” produced by 40 & Chantal Kreviazuk.

Or you wanna be a motherfucking funny guy?
Don’t make me break your Kevin heart, boy

For Take Care, Drake is in storyteller mode. Most of his rhymes are filled with tales of love, loss, and success, only in that calm Drake demeanor. I may be caught in the hype, but the songs on Take Care will reward those who listen closely.

“Crew Love” is produced by Illangelo, 40, & The Weeknd. The Weeknd’s vocals are featured predominantly on the track. Drake appears near the end with one verse. I can’t front, Drake and The Weeknd make extraordinary music together. He’s like another Drake, but only sings. Another track, “HYFR” (featuring Lil’ Wayne & produced by T-Minus), is a song that I must play every time I listen to the album. Drake O.J. Simpsons’ it and Wayne hops on and Lorena Bobbitt’s the track. Two tracks that took me by surprise, “Practice” & “Doing it Right” featuring Stevie Wonder and produced by “40“. I know Drake’s like the next best thing, but how the hell did he get Stevie on a song? It’s Drake, I’m kind of not surprised really. Who wouldn’t want to do a song with him right now? “Practice” samples Juvenile’s Back that azz up.

Well before I head out, I must personally say Drake’s Take Care is a must buy. Some people may say they don’t like it just to hate because they don’t got nothing else to do, but it’s Drake so you’re still going to listen to it anyway.

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I had too.

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  • It’s a nice album and deserves to be listened to closely. Nice review.

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