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The Huey vs. Riley EP

A year late, but right on time. The long awaited Huey vs. Riley EP is finally here. If you tuned in to The Slice (Episode 0), you probably heard Mickey talk a bit about the album and its delays. Well, there’s no more delay. The Huey vs. Riley EP is here.




Two emcees (and friends of hailing form South Florida, collaborating in Gainesville, and putting in work everywhere. The website is up, album is ready for download, and somewhere, a child is born. I mean, children are being born all the time, ya dig? Either way, I got a tracklist and download link below.

The Huey vs. Riley EP

ACT I – The Grind

  • Scene I – The Intro
  • Scene II – Revolutionary Inception
  • Scene III – The Hype
  • Scene IV – Skip & Haircut (skit)
  • Scene V – Wet Paint

ACT II – The Dream

  • Scene I – Danger Zone
  • Scene II – Dreamer
  • Scene III – Cast Away
  • Scene IV – TMZ

ACT III – The T(rap)

  • Scene I – Searching for Nowhere
  • Scene II – Want Me Now
  • Scene III – All I Ever Knew
  • Scene IV – The Prayer



And while you’re at it, check out the official video for Dreamer.




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