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Published on January 18th, 2012 | by Pep


Pep Talk: Common Sense Edition

What is really going on folks, it’s your boy, the champion’s Champ, Pep here (people cheering). It has been some time; the NBA wasn’t the only thing that was locked out, but I’m back like Kobe’s 40 point game streak and I’m not only here to just say “hi.” No, I am here with your latest……..Pep Talk!!! (The crowd goes wild and somebody throws their bra at me), but before we get into it, I have to warn all the Drake fans. I apologize, but nobody is safe in the Pep Talk arena. So first, all hate mail is welcome and read, just send to

So by now I am sure everyone is well aware of the latest “BEEF” between Drake and Common. Yes, I said Drake and Common. Hip-hop went from Tupac & Biggie, where people were shot, to Drake and Common, where fools are singing as they hit each other with pillows. This is what hip-hop is becoming, but it’s ok because Kendrick Lamar will save hip-hop from this catfight. As dumb as the “BEEF” sounds, I am not here to go into it, but I will address some of it in this edition of Pep Talk.

Yes, Drizzy Drake is the Pep Talk winner this week–not because of the “MEATLESS BEEF” (although it helped) but because of the latest news, thanks to, of Drake sending his bodyguards to muscle down a tattoo artist. If you don’t know, about a month ago, a Drake fan went and got the artist’s name, “DRAKE,” tattooed to her forehead. Long story short, the tattoo artist said some words about Drake saying he is, and I quote “softest mutha***ka in hip hop.” Yeah, he said it. Of course, Drake was very upset and, in an interview with Power 106 radio station, also had some choice words and threatened to beat up the tattoo artist.

Ok, so who wouldn’t react to that? It’s cool Drake. But then it just came out that when Drake was last in LA, he parked his car in front of the Tattoo shop where the guy worked (ok go hood Drake) and he sent his security guard to go confront the tattoo artist (WTF?).

So this is why this week’s subject is Drake. How are you going to have someone else do your dirty work after you were in LA @ your concert saying “just cause I sing, I’m not no bitch”. I’m not sure if you know this but sending a huge bodyguard to threaten and confront a guy that said things about you, is a bitch move. At the least you could’ve gone in the shop and confront the guy, throw some stuff on the ground, yell at him and maybe, if you were feeling it, push him. Then have your bodyguard grab you fast and hold you back and put you in the car. You know, give a show to make the guy question what he said. But you didn’t, you didn’t even get out of the car. You have a meatless beef going on with Common but you won’t even get out your car to say something to some bum. I’m not sure how you’re going to sing your way out of this one. At least Baby got your back and is trying to save you. He was recently on Power 106 in Big Boy’s Neighborhood saying “we never been a brand for the diss and diss records and tryna make money,” which I found funny because I know in the Carter 4 there was a Jay-Z diss, but I digress.

I don’t see this going away anytime soon and it doesn’t help you in the “Stay Scheming” video making a gun sign with your hands. Also, you have Rick Ross with you saying “he don’t want to go to court” but we all know that all the times he has been to court were to escort some thug to the jail where he was a correctional officer. And having DJ Khaled who ran from Cuban Link isn’t any better.

Drake, we seen you as little Jimmy and its cool. So you sing more than the average man, it’s cool. But don’t be something you’re not cause that ain’t cool. Sing your heart out, don’t listen to what people say and if you say you’re not a bitch, it’s cool, but don’t do bitch things because the last thing we want little Jimmy and Drake to have in Common (word play haha) is they both get around in wheelchairs. And hanging with Baby and Wayne is cool as long as 40 Glocc isn’t around lol.

People that was your Pep Talk this week (sexy Maybach Music lady voice saying Pep Talk) like I said before, hate mail to Boman and I’m sorry–nobody is safe in the Pep Talk Arena. I’m gone like Lebron in the 4th hahaha. Gambino!!!!



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  • johnny 5

    hahahahaha lmfao this shit was to much yall just went in and went christmas ham!!! good shit

  • Tate

    I am a Drake fan but he may of went to far but y’all got him pretty good here this shit was crazy love the meatless beef and the shit about rick ross was to funny y’all got swag

  • Tate

    oh does anyone know how often this comes outs

    • tstyle

      I thought a new one would be out already but at the start of the article he said somethang about being locked out so they might have like writer issues or something but idk i just want a new one already the Heat stroke one was funny if you didn’t read it called chris bosh a dinosaur

  • tstyle


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