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Published on February 27th, 2012 | by Queso


Unusual: Pokemon Black & White 2

Unusual to say the least. I know that the few people that are interested in a new Pokemon DS game have already heard about this, but I had to make a post.

I actually first heard about Pokemon Black and White 2 a week ago. The article announcing the game was accompanied by the cover art of Pokemon Black/White (1) with a PhotoShop’d “2.” Needless to say, I smelled some trolldom going on and decided to brush it off.



Lo and behold, this report turned out to be true. I guess some PhotoShop’ing can reveal truths. But, that doesn’t negate the unusual nature of these new . . . “Pokemans” games and why I didn’t believe it; two reasons to be exact.

1) It’s confirmed for DS. No, not 3DS . . . Nintendo DS. With the next generation Nintendo handheld on the market, why wouldn’t they put it on their new system. Sure, DS games can be played on the 3DS, but what’s the point? We want to see those gloriously pixelated leaves flying at our faces, or feel like we’re actually caught in a whirlpool.

Seeing how little sense Nintendo has been making as of late, we could easily put this on Nintendo, but I can understand this for a couple of reasons. First, Pokemon tends to be the best selling game on Nintendo handhelds. You don’t want to isolate part of your market. And second, it’s a cash cow . . . so just make two versions.

2) It’s Pokemon Black 2/White 2. Come on Pokemon Company. What are you really trying to pull here? This is the thing that still has me a little skeptical about it. Out of the many Pokemon Nintendo handheld sequels (and there are quite a few), NONE have EVER been numbered. Well, I guess they were eventually going to do this or stop making Pokemon games for handhelds. . . . baHAHAHAHAHA!! But seriously, all jokes aside, they still had MANY more colors to go. Have they not heard of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?

I guess I better not hold my breath for Pokemon Azure/Lemon.


– Queso

*Pokemon Black and White 2 are scheduled for release in June in Japan with no date set for the US or Europe.


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