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Published on February 15th, 2012 | by DRock


Valentine’s Day Kick-Off of Gaming Update

Today is the day in which I (Senor DRock) am launching my gaming update section of Rapconqueso.com. So get excited. My hopes are to eventually make this a Video update, but we shall see.



Game of the Week:

Starting things off we have a very sweet Valentines Day box of Twisted Metal which arrived today on shelves of your favorite gaming store. That’s right, all of your child hood memories of shooting and blowing up other super powered vehicles driven by crazed and sickly excuses for human beings are back.

Right off the bat I love the way this game looks and the direction they have headed with it. There have been tons of sequels to the Twisted Metal franchise and for me up until now, none of them could compare to Twisted Metal 2 for PSX. However, I really think this will be the game changer. Combining a wonderful genre with the graphical abilities of a PS3 is a combination bound for success right? Destructive worlds, online game-play, achievements, unlocks, upgrades, and a fresh single player mode with 3 sections make any previous Twisted Metal fan drool at the thought of this sequel. There is plenty more to be found out at IGN, but Twisted Metal is definitely my Game Purchase of The Week. So if you own a PS3, like the Twisted Metal franchise, or just plain love explosive multi-player games where you can invite a buddy over to destroy or just blow him up online, go buy this now.

Rumor of the Week:

Nothing definite on this one, but definitely the most exciting rumor I have seen for the week regarding games is Girl Fight.

Girl Fight

Girl Fight

That’s right an all girl fighting game that really tears into the exploration of what two females can do to each other in a one on one fight. Men? Who needs ’em. There is said to be full character customization and it is to be set up in a Tekken/Dead or Alive fighting style. And judging by this picture, there will be a whole lot more.

That’s it for this week’s update, but no worries I’ll be back with more game picks and rumors to spread.


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