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Published on February 21st, 2012 | by DRock


Week 2 of Gaming Update Retitled “Bang for your Buck”

I’ve decided to make this weekly game update primarily about a simple and oh so common situation. I (consumer) have 60 dollars I am ready to throw down on a new game this week. However the choices (games) are vast and vary dramatically in quality. Thus, I am going to skim through all of the game releases each week to pick out what is the most worthwhile and least worthwhile purchase. Or as Queso himself would say “What’s hot and what’s not.”

Game of the Week:

Game of the Week

This is my choice for game of the week for a few reasons: Initial Appeal, Longevity, and Uniqueness.

Right from the moment I saw game-play of this sucker I knew I would get the same feeling I did when playing Perfect Dark for the first time on N64. The excitement and style of graphics and game play give a wonderful start up of excitement right from the top.

Four Player co-op immediately makes this a game with tons of replay value. Even if for some reason the game is only 6 hours long, invite a friend or 3 over and you have another go at it. Longevity is certainly not an issue here.

As for uniqueness, I have always thought that when in-game graphics start to match with that of pre-rendered graphics in movies in a new way, it creates a whole new feel to a game. As for Syndicate, the “Minority Report” -esque style of automation in the HUD certainly gives me that feel. To have the automated zoom in, lock on, and full detail of a characters stats while in mid game is a beautiful feeling.

And last but not least, the ability to lock in and control other characters so that they not only kill others on their team, but also themselves. That’s enough of a reason to buy the game right there.

WARNING: If you are heavily into single player campaigns this game is not for you. Syndicate has a lot of positives, but the campaign comes off as cheap and stereotypical.


Failure of the Week:

Steer Clear:

Steer Clear

I should not need to list any reason at all as to why NO ONE should purchase this game. However this is the NOT section of our post so let me tell you all why.

This games big advertisement is that it is the first ever game to combine fishing, hunting, camping, and anything outdoors into one game.

Has everyone forgotten about Oregon Trail? I am pretty sure that the quality of game-play is comparable and yet outdoors unlimited probably has less than half of the educational qualities Oregon Trail did.

Honestly I wonder why certain games even get commissioned. I know there is some redneck child out there whose great grandma is going to buy this for him/her thinking they have given their child a wonderful gift, and instead they might as well have given them a twenty dollar DVD case.

AND LAST but MOST CERTAINLY not least, if you really want to go fishing, hiking, hunting, or camping then go OUTSIDE and DO IT! I mean I enjoy the occasional environmental game, but certain things like camping really don’t need simulation.

The only positive aspect of this game is the twenty dollar price tag.

This has been Bang for your Buck with DRock

Until Next Week.

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    Way cool, thanks man. Been looking for an article like this. I think I will check Syndicate out. lolz @ outdoors unlimited

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