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Published on April 2nd, 2012 | by Queso


Wii U Weaker than 360 & PS3?

Yes, word out of GamesIndustry.biz is that the Wii U is “less powerful” than the 360 and PS3. Anonymous video game developers have spoken to GamesIndustry International and stated that Nintendo’s next generation console is not as graphically powerful as the competitors’ (Sony & Microsoft) current generation equivalents.


As we have seen Nintendo do before, the company is placing innovation over raw power. This creativity can lead to something good at a lower price. The Wii received a skeptical response pre-launch, but blew the competition out of the water shortly after release. Lack of 3rd party support slowed the console down in the long run.

The Wii U has already gained commitment from video game developers and, with the skepticism arising again, will Nintendo be able to pull off what they did early in this generation? If so, will they be able to sustain that momentum?

Full article here.

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