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Gambino is Growing on Me…

I used to be Anti-Nerd rap… I used to be that guy that didn’t listen to XV, CG (Childish Gambino) or anyone who thought they were Lupe Fiasco and couldn’t deliver their image/music properly. I still don’t listen to XV but Gambino is  growing on me! Why the sudden change of heart? “Shoulda Known,” “We Ain’t Them,” and “Unnecessary” are three hater-proof leaks that I’ve heard over the past month. After hearing the “Shoulda Known” track which leaked last week,  I started to become a witness. A witness that was having the privilege of seeing a talented artist immerse himself in  a “creative” comfort zone.

It’s not like I slept on Gambino, I just felt he pulled the “This Is How Post-Wayne Should Rap” card too much.  The punchline, punchline, punchline, punchline… punch… you get it. And for the record, anyone who was/is a Wayne fan is praying that this era of Wayne vanishes. After hearing Gambino’s track “We Aint Them,” I think he got the message.

More swag, pull back on the punchlines – Gambino.

Gambino has opened up and is showing more vulnerability within his music. I  have no choice but to respect his most recent material. Awkward moment… as I’m typing this, I hear a line from CG on Bonfire that says “Rap’s stepfather, yeah, you hate me but you will respect.” To tell the honest truth, before these recent leaks my favorite body of work from Gambino was Culdesac. When I heard tracks like “Got This Money and “F*** it all,”  I couldn’t hate.  Gambino’s creative endeavors on Culdesac didn’t seem forced. The music on that project was honest and organic.  Until recently, I just never felt comfortable with Gambino trying to rap his tail off with third-string punchlines.

Well that was then and this is now and I’m eager to see what Gambino brings to the table this year; I’m also praying inside that Nas delivers on Life is Good. It’s taken me a month to admit it but these new Gambino tracks are refreshing. I’m at a point in my life  where I rarely  listen to Hip-Hop.  Besides Kendrick Lamar’s whole catalog and The Roots How I Got Over album, I haven’t had any motivation to listen to the game.  Well look no further, if you are Anti-Gambino these tracks may turn you into a closet Gambino fan. Pushing in that bulletproof… that’s unnecessary!

Childish Gambino – “Shoulda Known”

– “We Ain’t Them”

– “Unnecessary” Ft. Schoolboy Q

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