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Published on June 8th, 2012 | by MarioAngel


The Friday Revue: VF5:FS and E3

MarioAngel here with a new RapConQueso feature: The Friday Revue. Every Friday on the Revue you get game reviews, videos, long winded rants and whatever else interests me through the week. So let’s get started.




Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

SEGA’s final console release of Virtua Fighter 5 is finally here, but is it worth the reduced price? The download only release is $15 on PSN or 1200 Microsoft Points on the XBOX Live Arcade. It’s a budget friendly release that is full of features that I wish were in most other fighting games. The standard single player modes are there but with the most advanced training mode you will see. You have a tutorial mode that holds your hand through all the basics of the game and gives you a quick run through of how Virtua Fighter plays. You learn dashes, evades, throw breaks, etcetera. The next feature is Command Training where you go through every single attack and combo string available to every single character. With the extremely large amount of options each character has, this is a necessity.

The standard training mode is the best I have ever seen in a fighting game. Pretty much any option you want to change you can, but the really impressive feature is the in game inclusion of frame data. For the uninitiated, frame data is the measurement in frames (there are usually 60 frames per second in fighting games) of the amount of start-up before an attack, how long the attack is active, how long a attack takes to recover, and the difference in recovery between the attacker and defender. Usually you have to buy a game guide or go looking online for frame data but SEGA has outdone the competition in including it. Online is also spectacular. I was able to find matches quickly and did not play a match where I experienced lag. If you experience lag I would be very quick to blame the connection and not the game.

The game play of VF5:FS will seem familiar to Virtua Fighter veterans. It is fast and fluid and the animations look great. The fighting just feels great. With 19 different characters, each with their own unique fighting style everyone can find a character that fits them. Sadly, the fighting styles are the only real differences between the characters. Every character seems to be lacking in life. There is no reason to really remember the characters in Virtua Fighter. I could not name a character from any Virtua Fighter game before this week despite owning and easily putting a good hundred hours into VF4. The game just feels lifeless at so many points. Even the sound leaves something to be desired. Hits in VF5:FS sound dull and unconvincing; though the lack of the kind of hit sounds that are in other games might be more realistic, it isn’t interesting. The music is so lackluster I can’t even remember it enough to describe.

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown is a fun game but it looks dated. The original VF5 came out in 2006 and you can definitely tell that Final Showdown is a revision of a revision of a six year old game. It does not match the competition visually and doesn’t have a unique art style that could make up for that fact. It’s nice for $15 but I probably won’t be playing it a month from now unless the VF bug hits me hard.


Are you excited about what happened at E3 this week? A lot of gamers have been paying attention to the video game industry hype machine that is E3 but haven’t really paid enough attention to what happens to a lot of those games when they finally came out. Do me a favor. Think about all the games you may have been excited about after E3 2011. Now think about how many were actually good. My big one was Street Fighter X Tekken. I was so excited… then it came out. What was yours? My point is that E3 isn’t about informing consumers about all the cool games that are coming out within the next two years, it is about getting people excited and getting them to buy the games without thinking because they are so excited. Or at least that is what I think. The people on stage may be passionate about gaming, but the businessmen that may or may not care are the ones who run the show. Why do you think there is a Halo 4 on the way?

That’s it for this week. Come looking for more next week as the RCQ crew gets ready for CEO 2012. Here’s a decidedly unhip-hop but upbeat song to start your weekend right. Enjoy and try to not die before the next Friday Revue.

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