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What Happened?: Mike Jones

Today, we bring you a new RapConQueso series, “What Happened?” We will be looking back at artists, labels, developers, and anything else we feel blew up and suddenly vanished. RCQ will be answering that always present question, “What happened?”

This isn’t intended to badmouth or trashtalk anyone. It is us taking a look at artists who were once at (or near) the top, even if for a moment, and seemed to have vanished. We just want to know. What happened to you guys?

So, without further ado:

What happened to Mike Jones? Who? Mike Jones. Who? Mike Jones! Seriously, kids today probably have no idea who that guy is.

For those not in the know, Mike Jones is a southern rapper out of Houston, Texas, though most people in the H-Town seem to have disowned him. (We’ll get to that later.) Houston is home to the “chopped and screwed” (“screwed and chopped” or “slowed and throwed”) style created by DJ Screw. DJ Michael “5000” Watts and OG RON C also adopted the “Chopped and Screwed” style, even distributing a large amount of this style of music on their label, Swishahouse.

Before joining Swishahouse, Mike Jones was a member of the group, Souf Folk, and went by “Sache.” While with Souf Folk, the group released one album titled Country Thuggin’. After Souf Folk, Mike Jones joined Swishahouse Ent. before starting is own label, Ice Age Entertainment, in 2001.

Mike Jones came out the gate running with his 2005 Platinum album, Who Is Mike Jones?. It was hard to not know who he was. He did repeat his name all the time. Not only that, but everyone knew his phone number! “Two eight one, three three ‘o, eight zero zero fo’. Hit Mike Jones up on the low cuz Mike Jones about to blow.” Yes, he did blow [up].


Who Is Mike Jones? sold 181,000 in the first week and was certified Platinum after two months. Many people, including myself, even bought a Chopped and Screwed version of his album. So…what happened? Blew up too fast? One hit wonder?

“One hit wonder?” Well, he technically had a few hot tracks, including 2007’s “Mr. Jones” from his otherwise lackluster sophomore album-turned EP, The American Dream. “Blew up too fast?” Eh, he maintained a decent buzz for his sophomore album, but just didn’t deliver. I guess you can say that the album, Who Is Mike Jones? was his one hit. But why?

It turns out that to understand what happened to Mr. Jones, we have to head back to H-Town. You can see what happened by just browsing the innerwebs and checking out comments on some Mike Jones music videos. Houston doesn’t like Mike Jones!

There's so much mess here.

It seems that after Mike Jones blew up, he forgot about his home town. At least, that’s the word around H-Town and I’m not in H-Town. Chamillionaire (under the alias “King Koopa”) dedicated The Mixtape Messiah to dissing Mike Jones–or as he dubbed him, “Dike Jones.” You can find that name being slung around in a few places.

When Mike Jones finally released his TRUE sophomore album, The Voice, in 2009, the biggest buzz surrounding his name since his freshman album has been him being punched by fellow Houston rapper, Trae, at the Ozone Awards. And this was in his hometown.

Paul Wall was quoted in an interview with Ozone Magazine as saying:

“He lied to a lot of people, he turned his back on a lot of people, and he burned a lot of bridges. I don’t want to kick a dog while he’s down and I don’t wanna just talk shit about him, but I think a lot of people were happy when [Trae] punched him and knocked him out.”

I always thought he just fell off, but it would seem it’s a combination of his music getting worse and H-Town turning on him. On the real, unless you’re truly international, it’s hard to stay afloat when your own people turn on you. But, that can happen if you turn on your own people.

What now? Who knows. The last thing he was working on was his third album, appropriately titled Where is Mike Jones?. While we may have answered the “What happened,” it seems the “Where is” will remain.

I think “milthugs123” put it best with the second highest Youtube comment on “Back Then“:

“(2005) Who? Mike, Jones! Who? Mike, Jones!
(2012) Who Mike Jones? Who Mike Jones?”


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