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Published on September 14th, 2012 | by MarioAngel


Why Can’t I Hold All These Games?

Do you remember when Call of Duty 4 came out? How amazing it was? The fantastic campaign and the spectacular multiplayer? Now do you remember the next few years afterwards? Do you remember when it seemed every first person shooter that came out was just trying to copy the COD formula? Do you remember walking down the gaming aisle of a store and every damn new game was a first person shooter and most of them were just COD clones? I do. This is happening to fighting games right now.

Now, we aren’t wading through a pile of crappy fighting games that are just clones of the most popular but the sheer amount of games has just become too much to handle. In 2012 so far we have had seven big fighting game releases with a few more still on the way. For the most part they have been good, well produced and high quality games. For myself, that’s part of the problem. All these games are good.

Yes, some are better than others and some have ridiculous gameplay issues that have turned away large swathes of the fighting game community. Street Fighter X Tekken is my favorite example. I was so excited about that game I had the special edition on pre-order as early as Amazon would let me. Even after I got my hands on it and timer scammed and jabbed a million times with Rolento I enjoyed the game. But, after a few weeks, everything wrong with the game started coming up like excrement rising out of a clogged septic tank and through your lawn. First you walk out and smell something gross and wonder if a dog took a crap on your lawn. One day you step out and your grass is dead and has turned into a brown pool of biohazards. That’s what my Street Fighter X Tekken felt like after the honeymoon. You can only take turns jumping in and jabbing endlessly for so long before you realize you have wasted your time.

The other problem I have with fighting games these days is the seemingly endless updates to the same damn title. We went from Street Fighter 4 to Super Street Fighter 4 to Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. While I did enjoy many of the changes these updates offered I did not enjoy paying for the same damn game 3 times, even if it was less each time. This kind of rehashing is just a lazy way to make some quick cash. Capcom literally took the same game, added some things in, tweaked a couple of things and slapped a $40 sticker on it and told you to buy the new improved version of the same game you already owned. Then they told you if you want the newest version, AE, grab it as DLC or go back to the store and buy the same game for the third time.

The game that actually pissed me off the most with a re-release is Marvel vs Capcom 3. I have never been so excited as I was with Marvel 3. I spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 and had nothing but high hopes for the third installment. Everyone I knew was hype to play it and we were all rabid for any information coming out about it. The day it came out I basically took the day off and played for 12 hours straight only stopping to eat and relieve myself. I played a good 300+ hours within the first 2 months of Marvel 3’s release. I learned buktooth loops, fly fierce combos and eventually hypergrav loops. I abused the hell out of the DHC trick and dive kicked all fucking day. Months went by and eventually Capcom announced Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 which came out in the same fucking year! WTF! Marvel 3 was dead to me that day. I just can’t take it seriously after that. Marvel 3 has left a bad taste in my mouth and I am not willing to try again.

Mediocre games and rehashes aside, there are still too many good games out there. It’s hard with so many games to actually make a choice of what game I want to play. I can’t realistically get good at all of them. I don’t have the time. Maybe I am just being a little bitch about this. I should be happy that my favorite genre is back like it’s the 90s but I just can’t stop finding problems. I was going to do a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 review this week but fuck that, I have enough fighting games to suck at already. I’m gonna go play some KOF. You should go play your shitty game of choice too.

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