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Published on October 19th, 2012 | by MarioAngel


Sony Smash Beta!

Alright, it’s not actually called Sony Smash. Its called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale but its the same damn premise; lets take everyone’s favorite characters from franchises on the PS3 and put them together in a quasi-fighting game! I understand that it’s a completely different game but it will always be Sony Smash to me.

I’ve spent some time this week playing with both the PS3 and PSVita betas and this game is not Smash, both in some good and not so good ways. The controls are simple making the game easy to pickup and play at any skill level. The characters, in the beta at least, seem varied in their fighting styles and ease of use. Kratos is piss easy to run around with while mashing buttons and do well while I have yet to see a decent Sly Cooper. The stages are what really shine to me. My favorite thing about Smash is the randomness it can present. House rules when people play Smash in my home demand random stage and all items on. I never got into playing “1v1 NO ITEMS FINAL DESTINATION“. It always seem to be trying to take away what the developers intended with the game and to me takes away some of the fun of four people duking it out and getting pissed when they shoot a bomb that just spawned in front of them. The Sony Smash beta stages replicate that effect. They are constantly morphing, usually into something hazardous to you. The stages throw an element of chaos at you that Smash stages haven’t shown as much of. Often it can be very hard to react to what the stage is doing to you as your face is getting pummeled.


On the bad I am not a fan of the method of winning itself. Instead of depleting someones life like traditional fighting game or knocking them out like Smash, Sony Smash requires you to build up your super meter and then use your super to get kills. I am not a fan of this. so far in what I have played this can be unwieldy and has a weird effect on the balance. You build super by attacking others and can build three levels of super meter. Each level of super makes your super stronger and makes it easier to get kills. But the ease of getting supers seems to be the problem. In almost all of the games I have played I saw Kratos get a Level 3 Super and run around killing everyone and winning. I have seen a few Radecs get a pretty much unavoidable super as well, but I have yet to see PaRappa the Rapper get his completely unavoidable Level 3.

This game is a lot of fun so far but I’m hoping for some tweaks before November 20th gets here.




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