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Rare Chandeliers – Action Bronson & The Alchemist [Review]

Action Bronson’s Rare Chandeliers sounds exactly how I thought it would when I saw the album cover. (I mean the actual album cover)–gritty with a 1970’s police duo movie feel. I don’t know whether that sounds cheesy, but the album does not.

I figured I’d start with production, because that really sets the tone for this album. The Alchemist does an amazing job of bringing a theatrical sound to his production. Something that separates great and average producers is the ability to make a beat sound big, without cluttering it, as opposed to empty or lacking. A good example is “Randy the Musical,” in which horns, what I think is strings, and a continuous string that changes pitch one out of every four bars, fill out the first, second, and third “movement” of the track, respectively. They’re all so simple (not cluttering), but it’s that simple touch that complete the track perfectly.

There is also a nice transition between more aggressive tracks (such as “Demolition Man”) and smoother tracks (such as “Eggs on the Third Floor”) that doesn’t disrupt the momentum of the album. The tracks complement each other well and switch up just enough to keep you interested without turning you off…as in, you turning it off.

Action Bronson is impressive. It has to be said, and I’m not sure of his opinion regarding this opinion, but his rap style does harken to Ghostface Killah. (Well, it isn’t like they haven’t performed together.) Dude is a great storyteller. Bronson is able to visualize this movie well and transition between scenes just as smooth as some of these cuts are. Much like the versatility in Alchemist’s production, Action Bronson shows off his versatility, spitting over different beats just as comfortably as the last. “Randy the Musical” is the perfect example of this.

The variety in styles of features on the album is also a testament to Action Bronson and The Alchemist. First of all, Action Bronson doesn’t rely on features to carry this album, having eight features on 5 of the 13 tracks. The features also fit into place perfectly and Action Bronson doesn’t sound out of place spitting with one artist, while great spitting with another.  He does his thing alongside the more aggressive Schoolboy Q on “Demolition Man,” the smooth narrative spittin’ Roc Marciano, and even the punchy Styles P.

It’s not a socially aware album…in a way, or a statement to some movement. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty grimey. It plays out more like a rated R movie and is often vulgar. “Now I’m diving up in Polish sluts, with gorgeous butts/And she love it when I throw her in the cobra clutch.”

Rare Chandeliers is an entertaining album, however you look at it (production, rhymes, funny interludes). It is vulgar at times, but assuming you can get pass that, I can’t find anything to complain about. If you know me, I place a lot of emphasis on a “complete album” as opposed to a bunch of singles. This is definitely an album you can play straight through and still want more.  I’m not sure who thought of this first, but props to whoever decided to pair up Action Bronson and The Alchemist. It’s not super flashy, but definitely a solid album!

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