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Published on January 24th, 2013 | by Boman12l


10 Things to Still Believe in, Even Though Beyoncé Totally Lip-synched Her Performance.

The internet was set ablaze on Tuesday when it was reported that Beyoncé’s “God-like” rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” during President Obama’s second inauguration was taped. News of the lip-synch performance quickly became infamy, as headlines appeared across the country, but nowhere was the gravity of Beyoncé’s betrayal felt harder than on the internet. You know, where all the important things happen.

Gawker’s Caity Weaver, who had previously wrote “God had replaced the artist formerly known as Beyoncé with an actual living angel whose voice was more heavenly than a thousand Hallelujah choruses,” was later taking readers through the 7 steps of grief while struggling with the revelation herself. Lauren Nostro over at Complex wrote that “there was nothing left to believe in.” It’s understandable, in a world where we have to grow up and deal with the crushing truths of Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, coming to terms that Sci-Fi will never be able to follow up Battle Star Galactica with a decent show or read accusations that Elmo is fondling under aged boys. Beyoncé, for many, was the last great hope. It did not matter how much the world might be sucking in that moment, one could take comfort in the fact – that even with all that ass shaking – Beyoncé always performs live.

In the days since, there have been plenty of back and forths, retracted statements and non-denial denials; unfortunately the damage has been done. The foundation of which many believed that Beyoncé was a living deity has been shaken forever. Fear not, RCQ is here to tell you that there is still hope in the world! Whatever you feel about Bey, we give you a list on ten things you can still believe in.

The BasedGOD


How can you not believe in a man who says “every song is a classic?” Who some are saying is “the most important hip-hop artist so far in the current decade?” Who has exploded and created an entire sub culture in a genre where conventional wisdom says this should not work? Yes there have been plenty of imitators and the barrier of entry can be very jarring for some; still, the BasedGOD continues to push forward! Even 4chan tried to get Lil B to the Grammy’s to perform this year. So there are still plenty who believe in and thank the BasedGOD.

Climate Change


People want to argue against Global Warming. If we call it Climate Change, there is no argument. We had extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme hurricanes, extreme blizzards – Shit’s extreme! The struggle is real and no one wants to see the east coast get torn up every year.  So you can believe that this super weather will continue to happen if we do not stop our destructive and wasteful ways.

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers will make the playoffs.

(Disclaimer this belief will likely expire next week. We advise you to get in all the believing you can now.)

It does not matter what the situation is, people will always believe in the Lakers. In the preseason when they dropped all their games, people wrote it off as “the preseason.” When they fired Mike Brown only after five games, they wrote it off as “only Mike Brown.”  While the statistical chances of them making it to the postseason gets slimmer with every loss, there is still the belief that Kobe and crew will make. No one is saying that they will win the championship, only the Lakers will make the playoffs. Kobe believes it – he is tied for second among the league’s leading scorers. Even these bros believe…

Laker Bros

… and these bros don’t just believe anything.

Jay Electronica

Act II

Jay Electronica sits in a sweet spot where his sporadic appearances still inspire hope and his delayed album, Act II: Patents of Nobility, is still a possibility. This is the man who went from living in the streets to shutting down hip-hop with his release of “Exhibit C.” For some, hope is fading, but let me reiterate — this is a list of things you can still believe in. If the Lakers can make the Playoffs, then damn it Jay Electronica can still release Act II! Between ?uestlove and Jay –Z saying the album was “scary good,” Act II has not reached Detox status. You can believe that somewhere out there exists a copy of Jay Elec’s debut. The story of Jay Electronica’s life is one that defies all odds and the irony of a black man in a relationship with a supposed heiress to an Illuminati fortune should be enough to make anyone believe – that with Jay Electronica – anything is possible!

$300 Headphones

Ludacris Soul

You can believe that these $300 celebrity headphones are here to stay. Everyone has one: RZA, Ludacris, 50 Cent, The Marleys, Miles Davis, Snookie. Even bench players like Tim Tebow have their own brand of headphones. Regardless of the standard of quality (ask a tech reviewer, a majority of these things suck), you can believe that these headphones are going to keep coming and they are going to cost $300. So Detox might not be happening but you can listen to Dre’s old songs through his headphones.


drake crying

There are a few in the Queso crew that believe that Drake is the hip-hop equivalent of Anakin Skywalker. He was the one who was supposed to bring balance to the game, but instead became one of the most divisive artists in recent memory. Whether or not he is too soft is irrelevant (we all read the Big Ghost review), what matters is that somewhere the old Drake exists. Yes, that Comeback Season Drake is alive and well somewhere in that same body that put out Take Care. He is biding his time to reemerge and conquer both the mainstream and underground fulfilling the prophecy as “The Rapper of Destiny.” Until that day comes, whatever Drake does, you can believe Hip-hop heads with argue about it.


Amazon Prime


You can believe that you will probably spend more money on Amazon Prime than you need too. They might not be handing out Amazon credit like they used too, but between MP3 match, their streamable video library and all the other cloud services they offer, you will find plenty of reasons to visit Amazon multiple times a day. Amazon’s aggressive pricing and lightening deals put even other cyber retailers to shame.  Along with their free two-day shipping, you’ll find yourself ordering everything and anything from the web titan. The UPS driver will be coming to your residence so often he’ll soon be all up in your neighbors business along with yours. So you can believe that Amazon Prime is going to continue to be awesome. 1-Click!

The Replacement Refs did happen.

Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks

It seems like the plot of a Will Ferrell movie. You know the one where a Little League Football ref and friend John C. Reilly are called up to the NFL because the owners did not want to pay the real refs. Comedy ensues as Will Ferrell gets hot sauce in his eyes and can’t see, causing him to call all the wrong plays, while his side line ref buddy calls something else. Eventually the real refs come back, and the Super Bowl is saved! Will Ferrell gets to go back to his true passion — refereeing little league games, because Will Ferrell loves kids and he totally gets with that hot mom played by Christina Applegate in the end. But it wasn’t a movie, it really did happen. It got so bad that the President said something. It might be all good now, but Green Bay did get screwed. At the end of the day – you can believe that Commissioner Roger Goodell believes that the Scab Refs were the right call.



Say what you will about Valve and their silence relating anything to Half-Life, when it comes to Steam, what is there not to believe? Come on son, it’s a wrap. The real reason you can continue to believe in Steam is because Valve has designed the platform as an experience first and store second. The social and community features of Steam even put Microsoft’s once robust Xbox Live service to shame. All your games are in one place and updates are handled automatically. One look at the store and it will set off numerous spur of the moment purchases.  Take one look at your Steam library and see all those games you have not played and will likely never play but have purchased. Yes, they got you. Steam continues to evolve, their Big Picture Mode makes playing PC games on a big screen stupid easy and multiple Steam Boxes in development will enable them to get the Steam experience into the living room and expose more people to their madness. So you can definitely believe that Steam will continue to be awesome and will possibly get better.

Kanye West


Ok ask yourself, when has Kanye West ever let you down? Yes he has done some things many shake their heads at but we expect him to do those things because that’s Kanye! He came in Hip-Hop believing he was going to be the greatest and he channels all his energy to make that a reality. Even when he was “supposed” to disappoint fans, he creates something original and dope with 808s & Heartbreak and ultimately sets a precedence that made it possible for rappers like Cudi, Drake and Cole to succeed.  I understand it might be a little harder for people to put their faith in Kanye because of what he did to Taylor Swift, we off that. Besides, he really believed that Beyoncé had the best video that year. Or the time Kanye said “George Bush did not care about black people.” He was vocalizing the frustration that many felt towards Government because of the poor response during a time of disaster. Above all else, you can believe in the Kanye West that believes that Kanye West is the greatest of all time and through the strength of his convictions you can also find reassurance.

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