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Published on January 28th, 2013 | by Boman12l


Bo & Arrow: Double Return Pop Dominance!

Bo and Arrow is back from an ungodly long hiatus! Along with the return of your least favorite column on RCQ (I know, we all miss Pep talk) there is new music form Justin Timberlake and Destiny’s Child. I know, crazy right? Both pop sensations have been out of the game for quite some time. So why the return? Why now all of a sudden? My first theory is they did not want to be one upped by David Bowie, who released new material himself – the first in nineteen years. But I have no proof of that, so let’s explore other ideas.

"Nuclear" was the trio's first new release in eight years.First let us look at Destiny’s Children [sic]. The trio officially called it quits in 2005. In the time since, Beyoncé shot up to living deity status while Kelly and Michelle were kind of around. Ok maybe it did not transpire exactly like that. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams continued to release some critically and commercially successful albums, only not on the level of Beyoncé.  Fast forward to now. Along with news of Kelly and Michelle joining Beyoncé on stage for her Super Bowl 47 half time show, was the announcement of a new Destiny’s Child greatest hits compilation. The new disc would feature thirteen of their past songs along with one new track produced by Pharrell. “Nuclear” released the next day alongside pre-order links to the compilation.

After years of passive aggressive rumors and non-reunions, the timing appears perfect for a Destiny’s child return. It is all speculation on my behalf, but all this “one more show” talk feels like the first part of a larger plan. Currently, all three women are busy working on separate solo projects and a joint Super Bowl appearance is always good for increasing public awareness. I have a feeling that the Super Bowl show, along with the new compilation and song are a test. If audiences and buyers are still in love with the idea of Destiny’s Child, we could see a new full album later on. If Love Songs (the name of the compilation) does well, I would not be surprised if a new Destiny’s Child album and reunion tour are announced nine months from now.  You could argue that Beyoncé does not need to do another DC album.  Kelly and Michelle would stand to gain the most from any new project. Still, if the market is receptive and there is possible money to be made, I do not think anyone in the trio would not be interested in the idea. On top of that, “Nuclear” – the group’s first new track in eight years – is actually pretty good.  Built on a break from Lyn Collins’ “Think,” the track is a refreshing experience and a sharp reminder of the terrific chemistry the group shared for all those years.

On to our next comeback baby, JT A.K.A Justin Timberlake is once again here for your listening pleasure! Mr. Timberlake, unlike the Children of Destiny, straight up disappeared from music for seven years. It was not a sabbatical, he stayed busy with a multitude of projects (a relatively successful movie run and trying to reinvent MySpace among other side projects). The former Boy Band front man’s absence from music was missed by a great many. Let us not front, JT can get it. He is like another Robin Thicke, a white man who’s got soul. Plus he has a string of hip-hop crossovers. It comes to no surprise that Timberlake would reach out to Jay-Z to assist with his return. Timberlake’s return, like Destiny’s, was a result of careful planning; “Suite & Tie” plays it safe. The production, provided by Timberland is pleasant and listeners can easily groove out to the track. Timberlake has done this before and the fans will be pleased.

JAy and JT suite and tieJay-Z is way up there in the echelon of the Pop consciousness, meaning he is always hot. Let us not forget that Dr. Dre tried the Jay-Z card for his failed return and Detox single, “Under Pressure.” The whole situation was a disaster. It began with Dre announcing his first single in years. No exact date was given, only that it was dropping “soon.” Weeks went by and eventually “Under Pressure” leaked and it more than underwhelmed listeners.  Dre responded that it was “unfinished” but its reception along with a few other poorly received leaks most likely forced Detox back in the lab and discouraged Dre from working on the project.  Luckily that is not the case with “Suite & Tie.” The song appeared on time and with a much better reception than “Under Pressure” – people like it.  Execution is everything. If you do not come correct, people will move on to the next thing. So JT is off to a good start. His new album, The 20/20 Experience, produced entirely by Timberland is already looking exciting.

What do the returns of these two Pop icons mean for Hip-hop?  While I feel that Destiny’s Child are mainly testing the waters. Their reunion seems the most like an one shot deal. If it works from them, they might explore something else, but I do not expect much from it. Timberlake on the other hand looks to be more interesting. He as a new album guaranteed coming and I would not be surprised if we saw more collaboration leading up to and after its release.  T.I. said he recorded a few songs for him and might be on the project. Rick Ross has a new album coming this year also; plus, we know Ross loves his R & B joints. A Rozay and Timberlake collaboration could be something special. JT’s return will make the first quarter of the year very interesting.


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