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Published on February 4th, 2013 | by Retro1920


RCQ Songwriting Handbook: King Krule

Musicians, poets, deep thinkers and artists take a look at the Official RCQ Songwriting handbook. Every now and then I’ll drop the name of contemporary artists who had my curiosity, but now have my attention.

Don’t worry about how I stumbled upon this young lad’s music, the focal point here is the kid has talent. What allures me to the art of King Krule, who was formally known as Zoo Kid, is the way he executes his composition of storytelling during his music videos. His style of placing his audio canvas to film is always an event like no other. Whether it’s the melancholy seen in his horror core styled video for “Octopus” or my personal favorite “Rock Bottom” which plays similar to a gritty amateur action pack British mellow-drama short. If you can get past the fact that he looks like a splitting image of Rupert Grint who played Ronald Weasley in Harold Potter, you can get caught up in his imagery and visual literacy.

Krule has signs of being a great live performer and what attracts my ears the most is his uncanny songwriting ability. His recordings all sound live. His vocals seem distant with reverb and hints of one-takes. However, this gritty sound that is prevalent from the UK is alluring. It’s different to an American ear that is used to vocals being polished with dubs, auto-correction/pitch tuning.

Krule seems passionate and aware of his musical roots in his home land. Below are two music videos from the young UK artist King Krule, “Octupus” and “Rock Bottom.” I’m looking forward to a full body of work from the young song writer in the near future. For updates on King Krule visit his official website.

King Krule – Octopus

King Krule – Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom Lyrics

Retro – Why I have taken a liking to King Krule’s song “Rock Bottom.”

“On this record Krule’s music takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. One minute your blood is running and you are ready to strike anything or anyone in your path with intense passion and the next minute you are suddenly forgiving and understanding. The balance and contrast of different emotions from King Krule’s vocals, words, and instrumentation keep us on the edge of our feet as listeners.

* Note:  In 2011, King Krule released the King Krule EP which is still available on iTunes.

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