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Bo & Arrow: Neapolitan Flavors

What’s good folks! Between SXSW, Joe Budden and Consequence trying to shame each other and TMZ trying to kill off Lil Wayne, it’s been a busy week for Hip-Hop. So instead of going into detail on one topic, I figured I cover a little bit of all three. Think of it as the Neapolitan of Bo & Arrows.  Instead of a single flavor of ice cream, you get three flavors in the same box. Yes, the portions are smaller, and there is probably one flavor out the batch that you detest above all others. You pick Neapolitan because you are trying to please everyone, but the truth is Neapolitan is the biggest cop out and ultimately ends in disappointment. Your favorite flavor always runs out first and you are left with two sections you give two fucks about. With that said let’s get started.

There are a plenty of lessons we can all learn from Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks. One of those lessons, as famously stated by Huey, was the true value of a Nigga Moment. “A private nigga moment shames you. A public nigga moment shames the whole race.” This past week, Joe Budden and Consequence had one of those public moments. While filming the reunion episode for their season of VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop, reports surfaced that Consequence sucker punched Joe Budden. Of course Budden would have to sucker punch Cons back and the whole thing would end up on Worldstar.  Yes, the very nature of a show like Love and Hip-Hop means its cast will be exploited for moments of collective ignorance, but this seems too ridiculous for both parties. Cons and Budden are not kids anymore and grown men shouldn’t be trying to throw down because of trash talk. You two are rappers! Handle your business on the Mic!

I find it funny that Consequence – the week before – released a video about all the positive black actors his son can watch on T.V. but now here he is trying to fight Budden for the most ignorant reasons on television.  Joe Budden’s no saint either, possibly instigating the whole thing. Then again, I do believe Cons was overacting to Budden’s comments. (I think it’s clear he was just trying to create interest in the show, by creating heat). I can understand why Budden felt the need to retaliate. Joe Budden getting sucker punched seems to be a reoccurring theme and the last thing you want is the Joe Budden brand being known for getting hit in the back of the head and not responding; still, I have to admit, I am disappointed. Over this last year, Budden has made it clear he’s in a better, more positive place. He was looking to avoid incidents like this.


However, perhaps worst of all, was the dude that shot the video of the fight between the two. His sole intention was to post it on Worldstar. There are two things at define the standard Worldstar video: Someone yelling “Worldstar!” and the would-be film makers turning the camera on themselves. While no one was yelling Worldstar in this video, the latter is still true.  Why? Because these people are willing to exploit a moment of ignorance for the chance at fifteen minutes of fame, the irony being that no one gives a fuck about the person holding the camera. These people could possibly capture better video of these incidents if they weren’t so damn worried about turning the camera on their face. It’s a shame, especially after the Arab Spring, when devices like camera phones and social media were used to expose oppressive governments and human right violations. Over here we are only trying to use them to be part of the latest gossip. What is truly sad about these would be Worldstar reporters, by encouraging this type of behavior, we are teaching a whole generation of people, not to seek out and document important issues and events in their community, but the opportunity to make a fool of themselves.

As of this writing, Lil Wayne has been reportedly discharged from the Los Angeles Hospital and is recovering now at home, from his widely speculated seizure related issues. While Birdman and other Young Money reps have since spoken on the issue, the picture was not so clear for much of the weekend; it’s still a little murky. For a moment, it seemed as if TMZ and Young Money were battling each other with conflicting reports. One minute Lil Wayne is being read his last rites, the other he is watching basketball and probably in the middle of those statements is the truth. The thing is, no one is sure as to what was the condition of Lil Wayne, and the current nature of the internet means that even the smallest of speculation can blow up before our eyes. TMZ’s business is reporting the “news” as fast as possible. The very nature of that makes fact checking harder, but when publishing reports claiming a person is on their “death bed” it might be wise to show a little restraint. As T.I. said, “His daughter is the same as mine!” Basically TMZ you’re not just telling the world Wayne is on his way out, but his whole family. So if you are about to break the news to Lil Wayne’s children — that daddy quite possibly is not coming home, you might want to do it with a little more respect than “we are the first to bring you this story” mentality.  Young Money’s PR department wasn’t much help either, as they did little to help calm the rapid speculation.

With that I’ll wrap up this edition of Bo & Arrow. What about SXSW 2013? Were you expecting a run down on the week’s past events? That I would give you a list of the SXSW’s biggest surprises or share my new perspective on Trinidad James after seeing his set? As I mentioned earlier, this is the Neapolitan flavored Bo & Arrow, someone has to go home disappointed.  Till next time, keep the ignorance at a minimum.

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