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Published on May 12th, 2013 | by APant1


APant1’s Magical Mystical E3 2013 Predictions

We are now T-minus one month until E3, everyone’s favorite gaming expo. My favorite part of E3 was the pre-show predictions, the ones that were equal parts measured calculation and author’s deepest desires. I think now is as good a time as any to put my gaming cred on the line and lay out my best guess as to what’s going to pop up come showtime.



We’re entering what is looking like a dry stretch for the Big N, and I think they’re going to go right for the long-time gamers to reinvigorate their sales. I’m going to put a bet on an open-world Mario and a teaser for a “mature” Zelda. We already know that the new Super Smash Bros. (Subtitled “Universe”) is planned to be released on both the 3DS and the Wii U.

I think we’ve pretty much hit rock bottom for Nintendo’s own characters in a new Smash, unless they’re going to bring back Mike Jones from Star Tropics (please, please let that happen). Maybe we’ll get Daisy. I think the real shock is going to come from robust social features in Universe’s online mode, like match recording and a slick interface for seeing what your friends are up to.

Not gonna lie, I squealed like a little girl when Snake’s Codec started ringing in the first Brawl trailer. We’re going to see more characters from other companies. I don’t think Sora from Kingdom Hearts would be a stretch, but there won’t be Donald or Goofy. Maybe some title that are on the Wii U, like Rayman, or Maxwell from Scribblenauts.

Other than that, my guess is that we’ll start seeing Nintendo’s “weird stuff” again. I’m talking balance boards, heart sensors, and some “non-game games” like Brain Age. It’s been long enough that they’ll try to bring that back, to nobody’s pleasure.



PS4 release date will be announced: October 25. It will come in two models for $399 and $499. Sony will announce some Ratchet and Clank tie-in for their movie, and a new Uncharted for the PS4 launch window, coming out at least a month after the thing actually launches.

We’ll see more about previously announced stuff, and they’ll mention how much they attract indie studios. Other than that, it will be completely underwhelming, judging by their last couple of press conferences. I hope I’m wrong on this one, since I love me some Sony.



Flying high from their announcement of the Xbox Infinite (my guess on the name), Microsoft will be showing off their hardware as much as their new games. I think Bungie’s new game Destiny is going to play a big part of it, and I think we’ll see some big-name creators take the stage and announce brand new games, like Richard Garriott or Peter Molyneux.

I think the new Xbox is also going to try to spread out in terms of genres. Remember 2007-ish when we saw all those JRPGs like Infinite Undiscovery and Last Dragon show up in the 360? That’s going to happen again.

As for the hardware itself, it’s going to get a last minute bump in tech specs to compete with the PS4’s 8GB of RAM. But that’s not going to matter, since their main focus is going to be turning it into your cable box. I think this thing is going to transmit and record live TV, and have plenty of streaming and on-demand apps built right in. It’s going to have a ton of connectivity with Windows 8.

Microsoft executives are going to use a ton of buzz words and say things like “the future of video games isn’t video games, but everything else.” The phrases “cloud-based” and “cloud computing” will be used 36 times each.


Check back in a month, I’ll tally up my score of what I got right and wrong as I prepare to eat crow.

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