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Published on May 30th, 2013 | by silent brotagonist


Hey kid, wanna get motivated? [Metal Gear Rising DLC]

VR Missions $2.99
The VR mission DLC is therapy. Can you fight off Mastiffs bare-handed without collapsing into a sobbing mess, sputtering on how your father was never there for you? We’ll see. I can unironically generalize that everyone wanted more Tipod action, as the one stage in the main game felt like a dick move once we figured out that it was essentially a disposable mechanic. Here comes DLC to heal the wound, though the distribution politics of Xbox Live mean that players don’t get it for free HA HA, it’s not free anymore for NA PSN either.

Jetstream Sam $9.99
As someone unfamiliar to Devil May Cry, or just DMC3 specifically, there are subtle nuances about the Jetstream Sam DLC that I feel like I’m missing. Throwing a Vergil into the mix makes sense and is what everyone wanted, but it feels weird the first time. It’s supposed to, I’m sure. Obviously, players that take a bit longer to adapt, or were too complacent with Raiden will have a hard time adjusting. Sam’s playstyle isn’t a flaw of the game, it just requires familiarity. I had my fun with him, figuring out equivalent moves that I always used as Raiden, realizing that Taunting is absolutely necessary, and bemoaning that despite his double-jump, Sam is somehow less mobile.

One thing that drove me nuts was the way Sam walked, and how every time he stopped, he took another step forward to get into stance. The obvious complaint is that Sam still uses Zandatsu, even though Raiden has a specific chunk of exposition as to why it’s so special that he can do that in the first place. Eh, c’est la vie, but Sam’s shit-eating grin when he skewers a couple of nano-paste organs (they’re not spines) on his sword really makes the mechanic his own, even if it requires more suspension of disbelief than usual.

Again, the Metal Gear Ray fight was where I had fun, though I’m left with the severe disappointment that the Ray in the main game was so much easier. All of the familiar attacks, this Ray uses them too, but with extreme prejudice. Monsoon shows up, and it was very disappointing that he only had a hand in the plot, and not his own re-mixed boss fight like the other familiar faces you encounter. Sam ends up being the true protagonist of Revengeance, as he doesn’t have “tool of justice” baggage tying him down from pursuing Raiden’s same goals, and Sam even makes a dramatic dent in his fight against a certain villainous congressman, with seemingly less effort than Raiden exerted. Alas, Sam sold out and was cut down in the main game, so this is the best we’ll get. I don’t know about the $10 tag, but you might get more out of it than I did

Bladewolf $6.99
The Bladwolf DLC is shorter, though it actually features new content. Like Sam, Bladewolf has a dynamic separate from Raiden, but has a shorter learning curve than Sam, if you’re coming from the main game. Much to the disappointment of most, but not all, fans the DLC chronicles the AI’s time as Mistral’s pet, which no matter how kinky that might be (or how much you want to believe that ass isn’t synthetic), a potential story with Sam could have been pretty rad. I personally enjoyed how Bladewolf is less of a stretch to adapt to, though his only advantage, high speed on flat terrain, is of very narrow use.

All of the Metal Gear Rising DLC has some value to it, technically the extra VR missions more than the two extra stories, but I could almost say that it just isn’t worth it unless you’ve already milked the main game for everything. The stories are very limited and bring up just as much disappointment as satisfaction. What would absolutely have been better is that the DLC came with an option to integrate the two extra characters, complete with unique play styles, into the main campaign and VR mission set. That would take some more work than what already exist in the DLC, but it would increase their value so much. If I absolutely had to choose, the Jetstream Sam DLC can stand on its own much better than the other two, by sheer virtue that his play style changes the experience much more than Bladewolf‘s, and that the Sam DLC’s three remixed boss fights were still pretty fresh: the value of the VR DLC is stronger but much narrower, for players who have already mastered the game, but are still haunted by nightmares of Mastiffs, and want to take back the night. Sadly, the Bladewolf DLC was fun, but if you haven’t touched it already, you won’t miss it at all. Though the impending release of the digital-only (what is the deal with that?) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Ultimate Edition makes this choice moot by offering all three DLC and the Gray Fox kit, though only for people who haven’t yet touched the game at all, or don’t mind paying for it a second time. Weirdos.

…Now I have to wait for the Bioshock Infinite DLC to drop.

Played on PS3
Also available on Xbox 360

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