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Madden Will Not Have Nintendo Release in 2013

Most of you are probably reacting to this the same way I did: “wait…what?? No Madden on Nintendo?!? Oh yeah, we are talking about the Wii U.”

It may or may not have been like that, but I can imagine there are people extremely surprised and people saying, “it makes sense.” Both reactions are valid, but neither helps Nintendo.

First of all, Madden has become a staple in the video gaming industry, like rice in Asia or that snare to Metal Fingers’ production. EA Sport’s (or just EA for that matter) annual flagship title has become such a regular, expected, and watched occurrence that it unofficially kicks off the holiday video game season each year.

But, once you get past your initial shock, you start to think about Wii U sales. No one can question that Nintendo has struggled to move Wii U units. At the top of the year, the company dropped it’s projected total sales from 5.5 million to 4 million by the end of March. Around mid-April, total sales only reached approximately 3.45 million. Word on the street is, the Wii is outselling the Wii U.

So, who can blame Electronic Arts? Sure they say they still have a “strong partnership with Nintendo,” but how strong can that partnership be if your flagship title and guaranteed seller decides to forgo the current generation console of your partner?

This is the first time since 1991 that Madden will not be released on a Nintendo console. What does this say about the relationship between Nintendo and Electronic Arts? Is this more of a negative sign for EA or Nintendo? And how do you feel about this?


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