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No New Friends: EA Has No Games in Development for the Wii U

The struggle is real for the Wii U! It is hard to do anything on the internet for an extended period of time and not read another Wii U struggle story. It does not help that Nintendo PR has not done much to actively denounce that struggle image. At least Microsoft had the smarts to internally leak a memo aimed to quiet talk of an always online Next Box talk. But Nintendo is holding the course something fierce!

Speaking to Kotaku, EA spokesman Jeff Brown said “we have no games in development for the Wii U currently.” Most fans will recall that EA was one of Nintendo’s earliest Wii U supporters, appearing at the Console’s debut during Nintendo’s 2011 Press conference, citing an “unprecedented partnership” with Nintendo.  That partnership appears to have run its course, as the current crop of EA games is the last the console will be seeing for a while.

It’s not all doom and gloom, Brown left open the possibility that development could return to the Wii U, only nothing was happening now.  Nintendo has announced a new Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct broadcast for tomorrow; however, the likelihood of Nintendo revealing anything significant before E3 is doubtful, so the struggle will continue. It’s anyone’s guess as to when Nintendo will get #metric again.

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