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Published on June 19th, 2013 | by APant1


Microsoft pulls an Xbox 180: You Can Play XBO Games Offline

In what I would consider a shocking update, Microsoft has announce it’s making a huge reversal on the used game policies of the upcoming Xbox One. According to their news site, Giant Bomb, and Polygon, the system will no longer need to perform an internet check once every 24-hours. It does need internet to perform a first-time setup, but after that, you can play offline games as much as you want. They announced they’re also removing restrictions on used games, so if you have the disc, you can play it regardless of who owned it before you. A new restriction they’ve added is that you will now have to have the disk in the system to play a game, whereas before it was tied to an account, so you didn’t need it.

As always, these things can change, even after the system is released. Essentially, this puts it on equal footing with the PS4 and current-generation consoles in terms of licensing: You have the disc, you own the game. What I can imagine is that this must have been a huge hit for Microsoft. These kind of restrictions and other anti-piracy measures are sometimes built in to the hardware level, meaning it’s not just a switch they need to flip. They may need to hit the drawing board. Also, they mentioned that you would previously be able to trade Xbox One games in at “participating retailers.” Now that games can be traded in anywhere, where does that leave the stores they had to make deals with?

Long story short, this is a big deal, and after Sony fired the first shots in this generation’s console war with their E3 press conference, Microsoft is gearing up for a return volley.

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