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Evolution 2013 Fighting Game Championship [Results]

Evolution 2013 is winding down and today we have the finals for all of your favorite FGC titles. We’ll be updating this post with results and highlights from this year’s Fighting Game World Championships. Now…



4. CPFT|SirToons
3. Adelheid Stark
2. Kerahime
1. Mean Saltine


Street Fighter x Tekken

4. LU|Alex Valle
3. MOV
2. EG|Justin Wong
1. Infiltration


Mortal Kombat

4. Forever King 88
3. My God 88
1. Crazy DJT88



4. Khaos Muffins
3. Chilldogg
2. Severin
1. Duckator


Persona 4 Arena

4. Brkrdave
3. BananaKen
2. Lord Knight
1. Yume


Tekken Tag Tournament 2

4. CafeID|NIN
3. AGE|StringBean
2. Eightarc|Bronston
1. CafeID|Knee


King of Fighters XIII

4. MCZ|Tokido
3. CafeId.RZR|MadKOF
2. Woo
1. AS|Reynald

Reynald came out of Losers Bracket to score one for ‘Murica.


Super Smash Bros. Melee

4. Armada
3. CT|Hungrybox
2. Wobbles
1. Mango

I was happy to see this, not only made it to Evo, but was streamed as well. Though the Stream Monsters were in full effect, as they always are in bashing every game, Smash proved to be one of the more hype games of the night.


Injustice: Gods Among Us

3. AGE|NYChrisG
2. Crazy DJT88

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

4. Cloud805
3. Angelic
2. EG|Justin Wong
1. FS.EMP|Flocker

Justin Wong had the MvC3 performance of the night (aside from Flocker, obviously). He ran the gauntlet out of losers to make it to grand finals and had some of the most epic comebacks (in true Wong fashion) to get there.


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

4. EG|PR Balrog
3. Infiltration
2. MCZ|Tokido
1. DM.MCZ|Xian

Although the USA couldn’t take this one, crowd favorite Xian ended the run of Akumas.


Congrats to everyone that participated in Evolution 2013 and all the winners. Highlights coming soon.


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