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Steam Summer (Getaway) Sale: Wallet & Health Safety Tips

YES! The highly anticipated Steam Summer Sale has arrived for 2013. This post is to inform, guide, and prepare you for the magnificence that is the Steam Summer Sale. This is the best and worst video game sale endurance tutorial you will ever read.

The Steam Summer Sale is an annual multi-day event, giving you some of THE DEEPEST cuts you will find on a HUGE number of video game titles. The event takes place during…The Summer…and may empty out your wallet fairly quickly. With that being said, let’s get into it:


Before you open your Steam account or hit SteamPowered.com to check out the sweet deals, you have to be prepared–mentally and physically.


Take some time to think about what you’re getting into. If you’re easily susceptible to impulse buys, you may want to take precautionary measures, such as transfering money from your checking to a savings account, leaving a limited amount of funds. This will ensure that you can’t purchase on complete impulse and have to, at least, consider how much money is available to you.

If you’ve been using Steam for a while and been through a few of these sales, you’re probably like me and have a bunch of games on backlog. For this very reason, Boman has recommended for my fellow game horders, the Steam Calculator. This will show you details on your Steam usage including just how many games you own but have NOT played.

If you’ve been planning ahead and saved up money, wonderful! But you should still be careful to not blow all your funds early–there are some great deals that show up later on.

A good rule of thumb is that, if you have to think about it, DON’T BUY IT! There will be plenty of must buys that you will be unable to deny.


If you’re committed to finding the best deals AND unlocking the extra goodies, you must make sure your body is ready. This isn’t your average midweek sale or daily special. Obviously it is a little late, but I really hope you planned ahead: exercising, rest, eating right and plenty of fluids.

If you have not: don’t worry, just have many distractions set up to get you out of your seat. As a matter of fact, do this anyway. Much like an international flight, the Steam sale can keep you glued to your keester, but at least there is no older lady who thinks you’re her grandchild and drools on you while she sleeps. Instead of pretending you have to use the restroom in order to get away from the “Old Lady Perfume,” utilize your local resources to get moving: start laundry, clean your room, poor very little food in your pets dish so that they keep bothering you for more.

If, despite my suggestions, you are committed to spending the next 11 days in front of Steam, at least provide your body the necessary nourishment. Water is mandatory, but Gatorade is highly recommended. (You must replenish yourself.) Optimal snacks of any gaming events, as the RCQ experts and our late-night gaming friends have discovered, always include Cheeto’s Puffs. Other options include Doritos, Pizza and some sort of cookies. I was going to suggest, for health reasons, to have some fruits and vegetables, but realized you can get pineapple on your pizza and cover both.

What to Look For

DEALS! Seriously, you could play the game of waiting to see if a game you’ve been waiting for, currently at 50% Off, reaches 80% Off near the end of the sale, but why? It’s already super cheap, you want it, and there’s no guarantee you’ll see it again before the sale ends. Now, if it’s not something you want, resist the impulse because there will be plenty you want.

Really…almost everything gets a price cut.

Other Tips

Careful about playing games. You can lose track of time and miss sales you were really interested in.

If it comes down to it, sacrifice a portion of your Summer Sale Savings (S^3…I like that) to pay someone off to do your work throughout the day. Mowing the lawn, going shopping, calling your mother–it may prove to be well worth it in the end.

If there are any particular games you are looking for, be sure to add them to your wishlist. Steam will notify you when they are on sale. You can also get those notifications to your phone in case you’re out for more Doritos.

Evolution Fighting Game Tournament is going on this weekend, so these can be applied to watching that event as well.

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