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The Legend of GAAM: Recap and Gallery

The Legend of GAAM marked the 2nd event by Games Art and Music, an organization in Jacksonville bridging the gap between video game and non-video game audiences.

Like the first event, The Legend of Game featured a full art gallery, live music, video game room (with fighting game tournaments), and much more. If you’ve already looked at the pictures and couldn’t tell, this was also a Legend of Zelda-inspired event. (The first event was Super Mario Bros.) Many of the attendees came in full costume, including Tingle who was in character all night…or did we actually make contact with the real Tingle?

The event was awesome and I really appreciated that, after about 7 pm, it catered to a more mature audience. NO, there was no nudity, but there was also no children’s section with a bunch of kids crying to play with one toy, although there are 50 other toys.

There was plenty to do and see. Aside from the gallery and video game room, there were live performances by Willie Evans, Jr., Masikus, T3AM, and On Guard, although I only saw Willie E. and he got everyone moving, including the kids. Oh yeah, there were a few kids there, but they were cool.

Floppy Entertainment was also there with a live demo of their upcoming iOS release, Little Sherman. They also introduced me to…..who was demoing their even closer release, …..

Free snacks and refreshments…and “refreshments,” which were not free, were available. While you were snacking, you could browse what some of the vendors had to offer and, after you had enough “refreshments,” spend all your money on some games, (…, and apparel).

All-in-all, The Legend of GAAM was very fun, provided plenty of entertainment and I will definitely be at the next one.

Oh, and there was an afterparty but you don’t get to know about that if you weren’t there.




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