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Published on July 5th, 2013 | by Queso


The Slice Extended: The Legend of GAAM w/ Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson of GAAM (Games Arts and Music), a culture company bridging the gap between gaming and non-gaming audiences, sits down with Queso to talk about a variety of topics including the upcoming Legend of GAAM. The Legend of GAAM is a game, arts, and music show taking place on Saturday, July 13th at The Museum (Jacksonville, FL).

Ryan and I talk about The Legend of GAAM, as well as his time at E3 and miscellaneous nonsense. Oh and exclusives! ::Cue horns::


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Intro/Outro Music: Willie Evans, Jr. – “Nerd English”/T3AM – “Skeleton Boy”

You can register for The Legend of GAAM here. Also, for our listeners, Ryan was nice (or crazy) enough to give you an additional $5 discount using the promo code: “GAAMQueso”

You can see Queso’s previous interview with Ryan at One Spark here.

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