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10 Things That Have Happened While Waiting For Act II

People have been waiting a really long time for Jay Electronica’s Act II. How long you ask? More on that later, however in the meanwhile, we’ll give you a little context of  how long it’s been by putting together a this list of 10 Things that have happened while waiting for Act II. Keep in mind this list is in no particular order, however please do your best to keep your disappointment in check.

10. NASA developed, launched and landed a Nuclear power Rover on Mars


It’s cool once you realize that NASA has various probes and instruments wondering around the Solar system.  Hell, they even have a satellite orbiting Saturn. But it not as if NASA can throws these things on a rocket and launch them out into space. No these projects take years of planning of and millions of man hours to execute successfully.

In the time since Jay Electronica has been playing around with the idea of releasing a collective body of work, NASA landed another rover on Mars. It takes nine months for the damn thing to get there and it’s so far away radio waves takes seven minutes to get back to Earth. So even if the rover crashed and burned, NASA would not have known for a whole seven minutes! Yes, Jay has travel the world over from Egypt to Nepal , but NASA  put a one ton rover on Mars and Jay Elec is still toying with the idea of releasing an album.

09. Arab Spring

The world over was captivated in late 2010- early 2011 by an outbreak of social and political revolutions in many Arab nations that sparked protest both nonviolent and violent. These revolutions were enabled by the power of social media and accessibility of the internet. Western media would later dub it “The Arab Spring.” While many in the western world were divided on the nature of the protest, The Arab Spring did signal a changing of ways with many people rising up to throw out old traditions and regimes.

As a world traveler and scholar, you can bet Jay Elec had a great interest in these events, he’s even journeyed to many of the countries where the revolutions were taking place. Jay Elec is no stranger to the internet either. It was through channels like AIM messenger and web forums Jay Elec was able to spread his legend. While many of the protest have quieted down and new political structures are starting to be established, it would seem that the Arab Spring has passed with little word from Jay Electronica

08. The Rise of Kendrick Lamar and Drake

I know what you are going to say, so let me stop you. Yes, Drake did release a tape before rumors of a person called “Jay Electronica” even existed and Kendrick was still rapping under K. Dot, showing up on random Game mixtapes; however, no one was looking for them like that back then. While there are those Drake “purist” out there who will tell you all about Comeback Season, Drake fever wasn’t a things to around late 07-08. But to the point at hand – Drake and Kendrick have pretty much established themselves as the new kings of Hip-Hop.

Drake’s crossover appeal keeps him on the billboard top 100 and Kendrick’s lyrics captivate and draw in listeners with their instant relatability. More importantly, these two rocketed to success mostly off the strength of their music. By 2009, Drake was already at the top of the mountain; however, very few would have imagined Kendrick would be joining him shortly. Kendrick’s spot seemed reserved for Jay Electronica (sorry Cole) whose  single “Exhibit C” entered billboard charts from word of mouth alone and was being position as more than an urban legend. Three years later, Kendrick has release an album that recently reached platinum and Jay Electronica has an album that may not exist.

07. Jay z and Beyoncé had a baby.

Anyone can have a baby, but not just anyone can have “the baby.” Babies take roughly the same amount of time to make. Some show up early, some late,  at the end of the day, babies happens. But do not fool yourself into thinking that all babies are specials, wrong! Enter into the world Blue-Ivy, the magical mystical, prophetical, child of Jay Z and Beyoncé.

Blue-ivy’s journey into the worlds was much like Act II – many people didn’t believe she existed. It was all a cover up. Jay and Beyoncé would never have a baby, they would only tease the American public with the “idea of having a baby.”  While some people are disappointed that Blue-Ivy for the most part is a normal baby and not be some crazy illuminati-doppelganger-creation. Act II is well…

06. Killer Mike and El-P Discovered they were best friends


Killer Mike has been putting out music for a long time. He has done songs with the likes of Jay Z and OutKast. He even has a Grammy. El-P has been putting out music even longer, He even ran a label. But no one could have imagined that these two would become best friends like they have in the last year, much less drop two of the best albums. El-P is a guy that likes to take four-five years between Albums, but linking up with Killer Mike has seem to put a spark under both artists.

While the “Well if [X] can put out music, why can’t [X]?” is never a good point, because [X] and [X] are clearly two different people and trying to compare them is illogical and creates fallacies on numerous levels, unless this was a math problem were [X] would have to be a constant so you could solve the damn thing, it’s hard not to see similarities in El-P’s and Jay Elec’s approach to music. After linking up for R.A.P. Music and Cancer 4 Cure, they put out Run the Jewels within a year’s time. Now people are excited for what the duo are planning to do next. In the meanwhile Jay Electronica has been busy deleting tweets.

05 Fat Joe loss a lot of weight


While Jay Electrolysis was probin the globe like a geologist, Fat Joe was on his own spiritual and physical journey – one to get healthy.  Sparked by the deaths of many close friends, Joe said he was not going to be next on the list. So Fat Joe starting dieting and exercising resulting in a 100 pound weight loss! Yo props homie!

“(weight loss) isn’t rocket science” Joe said in an interview discussing is loss. He’s right. With the right motivation, dedication and effort, one can accomplish anything is they set their mind to it. Joe continues to keep pace to this day, soon it’s going to be hard to call him “Fat Joe” any more. Jay Elect continues to be light on new music.

04 The Blog game has changed

okay player

Things just aren’t the same for rappers, they have so many options now! If you have music, there is some site out there that is willing to write three sentences about your Molly song regardless of how terrible it is. It wasn’t always like this, especially a few years ago when Jay Elect first started trolling (J/K). Places like soundcloud or audiomack (embedded music players), didn’t exist yet and YouTube wasn’t the musical playground it is today. Artists were uploading to random P2P sites and sharing them on forums like Okayplayer and SOHH you really had to search for this ish because major publications weren’t going to help.

But blogs like Nahright, 2Dobeboyz and Raprader were finding and highlighting these acts. They were really curating what they put up and artists like J. Cole, Wale and Jay Electronica were quality finds. It was now possible for artists to really “blow” by blogs sharing their music alone. Jay Elec is one of the early examples, whose music would not be known if bloggers were not compiling his music from the far corners of the net. The landscape has changed and plenty of the early Jay supporters are not around now. The crew that put together the What The F*ck is a Jay Electronica mixtape – a tape that many people mistake as an official release – does not even exist anymore!

03 Obama was elected and re-elected President of United States of America


While waiting for Act II: Patents of Nobility,  Barack Obama (avid Hip-Hop fan) became the first African American Man elected president of the United States of America. While it is a little early to accurately gauge Obama’s performance and how his policies will affect America in the long term, it is impossible to deny the impact that his election had on millions of people around the world. More than anything else, just the “idea” of a black man as the President is inspirational.

The simple fact that Obama – is Obama – gives people hope and serves as an example that anything is possible. Obama’s elections night was described as “magical,” a word often used to describe Jay Elec’s music, also. There are similar threads in both Obama’s and Jay Electronica’s stories; these were two men that were not supposed to “make it.” Both started from very little and accomplished more than anyone could imagine. One became a President, the other a citizen of the world.  What ever the case maybe, but if Jay Elec ever decides to release Act II, regardless of the final outcome, that will be enough to inspire artists, scholars and people for generations to come.
02 Duke Nukem Forever Finds some way to ship


Duke Nukem Forever was first announced in 1997. It became the poster child for vaporware.  Its troubled long development would cause its original developer (3D Realms) to damn near shut down. Somehow, the game would finally release to the public in 2011, after Gearbox took over as the developer. Safe to say the whole thing was not pretty. Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) set its sights high with a lofty goal of trying to reinvent the First Person Shooter genre. It had big ideas but could not execute any of them and soon found itself obsolete and chasing after other shooters.

For every new shooter that came out, Duke Nukem would go back to the drawing bored to try and match it. The best way to describe Gearbox’s work on Forever is “salvage.” Given their one year development time, Gearbox put together something that was mostly playable from fifteen years of development hell. While there are a few exceptions (Only Built 4 Cuban Linx pt. II) Any creative project can suffer from prolong development. There is a reason why they call it “over cooked.” Let’s just hope Jay Elec can put out that album before it gets too far away from him.
01 The First single for Detox is announced and leaked, Dre steps away from music again


People in like to mention Act II and Detox together. Detox being the World Heavy Weight Champion of the “That’s never coming out” title (The previous owner being Gun N’ Roes’s Chinese Democracy), Act II seems ready to challenge for the title. While one might think this is a even match, that is not the case. Dre has the advantage of “years waiting” and he already has a track record. So a Detox flop would be more damaging than anything Jay Elec could release. Plus, there’s another thing…

While waiting for Jay Elec to drop Act II, the first singles for Dre’s Detox were leaked and premiered. It seemed impossible, but  around late 2009 and throughout 2010, it appeared that Detox was really happening and a release date could be given any day. Dre and Jimmy Iovine announced the first single for Detox would feature Jay Z and it was coming in two weeks. Of course the single would miss it’s release date, but that did not stop “Under Pressure” from leaking out later.

The song was panned and Dre would release a statement saying “it was unfinished.” A few more tracks from the Dre camp leaked , sharing the same underwhelming qualities as “Under Pressure,” until “Kush” featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon leaked and it was “alright.” People didn’t hate it.  Dre would clean up “Kush,” shoot a video for it and it would become Detox’s first and only single. Keep in mind this was all happen around the third proposed release date for Jay Electronica’s Act II. However, like Act II, Detox would miss it rumored release window. Not long after that, there where reports of Dre wanting to step away from music and hopes for Detox started to flicker out once again.

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