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Published on October 26th, 2013 | by APant1


Pokemon X Travel Log: Adventures and Ramblings Through Kalos

Day 1

Alright, let’s do this. Time for Pokemooooo… Wait. Is that professor the guy who plays Sherlock on “Sherlock”? What’s his name, Brandysnatch Cumberbusom? Cool. I think a 3D Pokemon game will be awesome… Wait. It’s all based on a grid. It’s just like the old games where you can only move one “square” at a time. The graphics are just polished up into polygons instead of pixels. It does look nice, though. Hello Grass-type otter thingy, we are going to beat up many people together.

OK, I can see the appeal of the graphics now. Battles look good. Traveling through the forest while my new friends move about it on their own is a very nice touch. The overworlds on previous Pokemon games were quite lifeless.

Whoa! Big city! And the controls have changed in here. When you’re walking down the street, it’s like you trying to play an old Resident Evil, where you moved like a tank. Grid thing’s gone, but I keep getting hopelessly lost. It does look great, though. And I’m at Professor Cumberbumble’s lab, and he wants to fight, bring it! He used the three starter Pokemon from the original game, and sweet! He let me pick one! Squirtle, you and I are going to be fast friends. He’s giving me the normal speech about how I should explore the world of Pokemon and expand my boundaries, blah blah, etc.

I’m about to exit the lab when I hit a cutscene with a guy fantastic orange beard / spikey hair combo. His name is Lysander attached to the hair, and I’m sure that’s some kind of Shakespeare reference.


Day 2

You know, this game is really French. Previous games went for Kind of an overall theme for the world. Black and White had kind of a Manhattan feel, and I always thought the originals had a tropical motif, especially in the islands. X and Y really go all out with chateaus and French-sounding names and words.

Moving around in this game is actually kind of hard. Most of the time you’re stuck on a grid, and the camera is really zoomed in. You go places you don’t intend to when you’re zooming around on a bike or skates.


Day 3

Why is it called a “gym”? You don’t train there, you get certified and earn badges, so it’s more like a Poke-DMV office. It’d be cool if you could go back to a gym later in the game and do something useful, but no.

I went into a cave that was very linear, but the camera swung way down to an over-the-shoulder kind of thing. There were crystals lining the walls, and the lighting was just right. It kind of shocked me how it looked both simple and gorgeous at the same time.


Day 4

I’m really blazing through these gyms. I’m not doing any grinding or going out of my way to level up my Pokemon, but every gym trainer and leader just seems to melt to my team. I’d like to attribute it to my awesome Poke-skills, but maybe it’s just easier. I think I’ve definitely hit the meat of this game. I know there’s a lot more to come, but with the team I’ve built, I’ll be able to face it no problem.

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