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Published on November 16th, 2013 | by APant1


How to Enjoy Next-Gen (Without Buying a Console)

Let’s assume for a minute that you’re broke. We’ve all been there, and in fact, I’m there right now. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy all the new technology that’s being crammed into living rooms all over the world right now.


I’ve already seen some pretty slick Twitch.tv streams of PS4s, and I’m impressed. The quality isn’t as good as if you were siting in front of one, but I’ve seen very few hiccups, it’s got good layouts, and it even has “Please stand by” screens when a player goes to a menu. Streaming is a big part of how games are played these days, and the ability to broadcast right from a console is fantastic. It’s all the fun of playing a game without any of the fun of actually playing a game. Wait, that doesn’t sound fun at all. It is, trust me.


That’s all you were really going to do on it, right? The PS3 Netflix app just got an update, so it looks really different now. Not sure if it’s better yet, but you can pretend you’re on a PS4 if you squint.


Sony is selling PS4 controllers alone for $60. They seem to be much easier to use with computers than a PS3 controller. From people I’ve talked to, the new Dualshock is a fantastic controller. It feels great to hold, the sticks have great grip, and the triggers are much easier to use. I haven’t got hold of one yet, but Polygon wrote a great article about its compatibility with other devices.

Wii U

Let’s not forget about this guy. With Black Friday coming up, there are sure to be all kinds of deals and bundles for Nintendo’s still-technically-next-gen system. A new Smash Bros. is right around the corner, and I’ll bet a Zelda game isn’t too far off. Nintendo also recently announced that all of their confusing online accounts are being simplified, so you can combine everything into a single Nintendo Network username instead of your purchases being bound to a single console. So if your Wii U breaks, you (hopefully) don’t have to buy everything again.


If you have friends that are getting Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s, break into their houses and take all their other stuff. They won’t notice, they’ll be too busy getting a face full of voxels and friend requests.

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