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Artists Not To Watch Out For in 2014

Ye,s the beginning of the a new year is a time of optimism and possibilities. It’s a time when we take all what we learned from last year and apply to a fresh start. It’s a time when we give artists the benefit of the doubt. Bucking the trend of most off list, here are some artist you should not watch out for in 2014. This isn’t a list of things that will not happen, but a list of things that probably will happened leaving listeners disappointed.

50 Cent

50 Cent_Major D

We’ve not saying that 50 Cent won’t put out new music this year, we saying it most likely will not be music to get excited for. Fifty’s fith solo album has been in a perpetual hell of uncertainty damn near since its inception way back in 2011. It’s missed more dates and had more name changes than Game has made offers to rekindle with G-Unit.  50 seems to have settled on a name, Street Kings Immortal; however, a release date still eludes him.

It’s strange to think that after selling millions of records and being one of the biggest artists of the early 2000s, 50 would find himself in a battle with his long time label Interscope, even going so far as to threaten to leak his album.  No way to know for sure, but with five singles released so far and only two breaking on the billboard top 100, one has to wonder if the label is not happy with the tepid reception so far. Fifthy’s last two solo albums weren’t that hot either. With a new boxing promotion, energy drink and consumer electronic line, it doesn’t seem like 50 would have the time to focus on the music. If and when Street Kings Immortal releases, it will likely be an underwhelming SML cross promotional affair, handle with less fineest than last year’s Samsung cross promotional affair Magna Carta.

Mos Def/ Yasiin Bey 


It wasn’t enough that the Black Star reunion was called off, equally as disappointing was the reveal of how much unreleased material Yasiin  Bey is sitting on. Between Manie Fresh and Madlib, there could be as many as four Bey Projects between the two producers. Will we see some of them? In time…maybe. Will that be this year? We can’t know for sure. Bey has been sporadically hinting at new music since 2010. Unlike most artists, Bey has no problems treating fans by premiering new or unreleased tracks at his live shows, it’s great. You are more likely to find Bey rocking his signature red Mic than him in the new release section. Still it’s coming on five years since The Ecstatic and everything in between seems like a long tease. So be careful of that Black Donate, it may look as if he putting out something new, unless it comes with an release date, cover art and tracklist, don’t fall for the hype.



There is always the chance that DOOM will put something out, but it most likely won’t be you are looking for. Yes, I’m talking Madvillain and DOOMStarks. The main reason these projects are not making any process is because in the last few years it has become very difficult to work with DOOM, who has been banished to Europe.  Everyone is either waiting for vocals or beats from DOOM. Everyone is waiting for DOOM to supply his half of the equations and so far they are not hearing much from him.

I know what you are thing “Hey, Bishop Nehru announced an album with DOOM last year. That’s something to be excited for right?”  Do you really expect that album ever truly manifest? As long as DOOM is stuck in Europe, most of this project is not going to get done. The more likely scenario is DOOM will link up with another European artist, like he did with Jneiro Jarel. However, even that is pure speculation.  2014 will like be another year of waiting on DOOM.

Jay Electronica


2013 was a slow year even by Jay Electronica standards. He released no new music official or unofficial of his own, only appearing as a solo guest for a few select artists throughout the year. He played one live show – Outlook at Croatia. His performance is notable for arriving late, playing a limited set list consisting of “Exhibit C”, having his mic shut off while still managing to break things into madness. When the question of Act II came up, Jay Elect avoided the question. At this point in 2014, listeners should do the same.

After six years in waiting, it’s no surprise that many listeners have turned their interest elsewhere. This isn’t just a problem for Electronica, but for Roc Nation too. They are not going to let Act II release without a big push to reintroduce Jay Elect to listening audiences. Until then, you can bet that Jay will continue his antics of vague tweets quickly deleted and surprise appearances on other artists songs. Both of these normally followed by hollow promises.  Is there an Act II? Yes, but only for a select few. Jay Elect Hanukkah is a man of talent and infinite potential but until he starts to show a serious effort on his behalf, he deserves not your attention.

Lupe Fiasco


Lupe seems more worried about arguing with people on Twitter  and getting kicked out inauguration balls than his music these days.  Many of his releases last year, felt like after thoughts to his more public antics.  Even interesting moves like spending most of the summer touring as a DJ were undermined by the words he said behind his locked Twitter. No one questions Lupe’s passions for learning and the arts or his genuine activism to improve the lives of people in Chicago and beyond, but he’s becoming more of a caricature without the quality music to back it up. It also makes it hard to Lupe to get back much of that good will that he had with the people that first fell in love with him.

Andre 3K


Yes! You can be excited that OutKast was announced as headliner for Coachella this April. However, that does not mean that there will be a new OutKast album or that Andre will be making another solo album himself. This is just one show.Everything else is hopeful speculation. Let me ask one question: out of all the people talking about a new Andre solo album, how many have been Andre 3K himself? The answer none, all the talk has been from 2nd and 3rd parties. When Andre has spoken, it’s to refute these claims a day or two later. Yes, we all want it, Andre is amazing, this Coachella is best chance for new music in the last ten years, but let me remind you of a similar situation from a few years back.

In 2011, Mos Def & Talib Kwele announced that BlackStar would be going on tour again, even headlining Rock The Bell. There was speculation and eventually the two announced not only a new album, but a new mixtape also. Two BlackStar projects? This was improbable! People were elated.  BlackStar released two new tracks, launched a new website and even had a run on the late night circuit. Then, there was nothing — silence. Only for Kweli to nonchalantly mentioned that new a BlackStar album was not on the books, as if two projects where not recently announced two years ago.

This has not happened to OutKast yet, but then again, they have not announced an album either.

Rick Ross

US rapper Rick Ross

You can bet that Rick Ross is going to have a solid 2014. He’ll be on plenty of singles for many new and established artists, his album, Mastermind, will probably at least go gold, MMG we yelled from the hallways, but none of this will be terrible exciting.

This is a far cry from 2008-2011 Rick Ross. Not only did he somehow survive a damning character assault by 50 Cent, the release of his album Deeper Than Rap cemented his status as a superstar. Even the most cynical of Hip-Hop heads had to acknowledge his improvements. Ross was getting better as a rapper and entertainer. Now things are starting to get a little stagnate. Rich Forever was a longer, less focused not really as dope Teflon Don and God Forgives, I Don’t sharp drop in quality from Rich Forever. Mastermind was delayed from its December release. I believe that tepid reception to singles “Box Chevy” and “No Games” were part of the reason for so. Ross is a solid worker, but there is only so much  J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League can do to mask his limitations.  Appearing most constantly is not really good for Ross’s creativity. The production may sound flashy but it’s the same old Ross.

Dr. Dre


Here’s the thing –Detox is not an album anymore, it’s an adjective, often used to describe an impossible situation.  Most Hip-Hop heads cannot go two months without engaging in idle Detox speculation.  One of the more popular theories: Dre has too much on his plate to put out Detox. More recently, there was the idea that Detox would be released as an exclusive on the “then rumored” Beats streaming service. While it’s impossible to know what Dre’s daily schedule is like, the Beats Stream service was announced and Detox will not be among the 20 million songs when the service launches later this month.

Detox can’t release, because Dre has no music to release. Dre’s last single was “Kush” in 2010. It did alright, but like many of the other tracks that leaked before it, people weren’t excited it for and Dre stepped away from the music. Yes, every few months there is a new person that claims that “Detox is a mix away,” but like 3K, these claims are always from people other than Dre. Truthfully,  I’m beginning to think that Detox being in a perpetual state of mixing is the perfect excuse for a truly unanswerable question. You see “mixing” is relatively vague term that describes an expansive set of different processes that the average fan does not really understand.   You see “mixing” sounds a lot better than “I’m not sure what Dre is doing.” What you can be sure off, Detox will not come out this year, and you should not be looking out for it.

Gucci Mane


Last year, HipHopWired said “Gucci Maine was too real Hip-Hop.” After numerous arrests, an apparent breakdown on twitter and attempting to teach school children life lessons, I myself could not come up with a better way to describe Gucci. In 2013, Gucci embarked on a path of destruction and there is no doubt that it will continue into 2014. Yes will be plenty of releases from Mane, but expect many more encounters with the law also.

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