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Common announces New LP with No ID, Releases “War” Single

Common has announced a new LP for this year. Titled Nobody Smiling, the album will once again be produced entirely by No ID. Common frequently spoke about working on new music last  year and it’s cool to find out what he and No ID have been up to. It seems the two will be looking inward and addressing the current troubles and violence in Chicago. His new track “War” directly deals with how the violence in the Windy City creates hostile environments. If that wasn’t clear enough, Common directly speaks to the issue in the track’s outro.

The track is similar to their previous release, “No Sell Out”, which was also built from a old-timey sample with no bassline. “War” features some low rumbling drums, a horn sample that sounds like it was ripped right from old documentary footage and captures the feeling of a military march. Still no bass line, but believe me, it won’t be missed here.

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