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Published on January 23rd, 2014 | by APant1


State of the Gaming Union

My fellow gamers, 2013 has been a year full of trials, but at the same time, triumphs. We have seen standard-bearers retired, and we have seen new consoles rise. New names have entered the arena, and long-time companies have struggled. It is because of this evolving landscape that I can say there is no better time to be a gamer, and as the President of the United States of Video Games, I will be delivering this address to inform my fellow gamers about the past and future of our nation.

Don’t like it? Shouldn’t have voted for me.

We start by welcoming two new members to the Console Cabinet: Our new Secretary of Streaming, PlayStation 4, and the Secretary of Television, Xbox One. The have replaced outgoing members PS3 and Xbox 360, and they will be enjoying their retirement after a longer than usual console cycle. But these are not the only newcomers we have to the White House. We would like to welcome new faces to the gaming landscape, such as the Android-based micro-consoles Ouya and Game Stick, and even a older name on The Hill has announced its entry into the competition, Valve with its Steam Machines, aiming to bring PC gaming to the living room.

It is this diversity that signals the strength of our environment, there are niches being filled all across the board. With the groundwork in place, we know this year will be able to bloom because of all these different console offerings.

But all is not well in our nation. Nintendo has posted their third consecutive year of annual losses, $239 million, and slashed their sales predictions of the Wii U by two thirds. This is unprecedented for Nintendo, and they have already announced they are looking into different business options to get their company back on track to the software and hardware giant they used to be.

There has been an odd trend coming back into our gaming nation, one that seems to pop up every few years. Virtual reality has always been a dream of gamers and hardware developers, but I believe once the technology takes root, it is here to stay. The Oculus Rift headset is the best known example, which works by putting a screen right up against your face, but there have been a number of other headsets using different technology. CastAR, a set of glasses with micro-projectors attached, had a successful crowd-funding campaign and is being put into production. The glasses work by projecting an image on a reflective surface, and with motion sensors, projected images appear to follow you as if they were real objects in the room.

So my fellow gamers, my last addressee of this address is you. You are the biggest part of the future of video games, since it’s your purchases that tell companies what you want. Vote with your dollars. And remember to contribute to my presidential re-election campaign this November.

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