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Bo & Arrow: Cassidy, Not Cool At All

I’m not naming no names, but a I friend of mine put me on to the Cassidy remix of Nicki Minaj’s latest hot button single “Lookin’ Ass Nigga.”  If you spent any amount of time on the net last week, you know there has been much discussion about the song’s content, video, artwork and of course Nicki. In short, people feel some type of way because Nicki is using the word “nigga” a lot and general gender reversal of Nicki bashing men constantly throughout the track.  While I understand Nicki’s motivation for wanting to do a song like this use the opportunity to take some grabs at men and especially a genre that constantly disrespects Women, “Lookin Ass Nigga” is not the song to do it and much of Nicki’a original intent will be lost on most listeners. In short Nicki tried to fight ignorance with ignorance and it’s not hard to figure out where that will end.

Perhaps worst, some will use Nicki’s song as an excuse to come through with their own hot garbage. Take for example Cassidy and his “response.” Who is he responding too? I’m not sure, it’s not Nicki, Cass claims to have love for Nicki. Cass seems to be responding to faceless “lookin’ ass bitches” that need to be placed in check. The honor of the Streets must to be protected from these “trifling ass hoes.” But who are these women, whose arrogance knows no bounds and greed is infinite? Let take a look.

These are, according to Cassidy, women who keep getting pregnant only to lock down a man or fake pregnancies to get money. Women who are more concerned with their looks than anything else. Worst of all, these woman only goal in life seems to be using their man for all he’s got. Yes the struggle is real and everything about this song is bullshit! Cassidy’s remix sounds like it was written by a Tea party radical arguing for the cutting of social programs like food stamps because they lead to the moral failing of America.  In both cases, there is no merit to their argument and are filled with stereotypes and wild accusations.

No rational person can cool with this track. The few outlets that have posted it have been careful to describe it in vague terms and generally speak around its content. Opting to simply say “Cassidy’s remix to Nickie’s new singe” or something similar; however, it’s easy see the trepidation in their words. It’s clear many of writers didn’t wanting to fully cosign this mess, but saying nothing, they showed on some levels they were somewhat OK with it. Only the TSS made their displeasure known; however, it’s which heavy sarcasm. Still, some of the responses I’ve seem from comment sections are shameful. “Cassidy’s speaking the truth” comes up a lot. “This is for the streets” is another that appears frequent when speak on the track.

There is no truth in Cassidy’s track, nor this anything new for the streets. These are the same disrespectful and ignorant jabs that Hip-Hop deals women on a constant basis. The same limited mindset that leads to casual lines about date rape and brutality. After spending the majority of the track shaming women, he tries to insert a false sense of positivity by name dropping a few ladies he believes to be the ideal these lookin’ ass woman should aspire too, but truthfully it a callus effort. Ultimately he uses these women as another shot, so he can say “you can never be them.” So what’s the point?

There is no truth to Cassidy’s bars, insightful commentary or biting satire, only malice. A poor excuse to perpetuate the same old ignorant ideas. Not cool at all.

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