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No Malice is still No Malice

Over the weekend the collective disappointed of Hip-Hop heads could be heard across the internet. No Malice, the elder brother Thornton and Clipse member, once again restated – rather bluntly – there would be no new Clipse album. “I don’t make that type of music anymore” No Malice says sternly, into the camera. Yes, many were disappointed by this, but No Malice has not changed his stance. It’s been that way for a long time now, so why are fans still surprised? No Malice is still No Malice.

After The Clipse’s last album, Till The Casket Drops, in 2009 Gene Thornton, then known as “Malice,” stepped away from music to compose a book and grow closer to God. When he returned he announced a change. No longer would be me Malice. Instead to reflect his new state of mind he would now be “No Malice.” While the change appears simple, contextually that “No” adds a lot. “Malice” as it stands, means a deep seated hatred. Placing a No in front of that adds a dimention. It shows where he is, in comparison to where he was at.  This new change would also be heard in his music, the elder Thornton was done “grindin'”.

Still, many would hold out hopes to another Clipse album and you cannot entirely blame them for holding on. Pusha T, like many fans, has been pushing for a new album with his brother, often hinting at or leaving open the possibility for new Clipse music during interviews. Frequent collaborates, like Pharrell have also hinted at music from the brothers in the past as well. This past December, there were reports of Pusha and Pharrell announcing a new Clipse album; however, it was quickly refuted. Since 2009, the story has been like that – promises quickly followed by denials, but the one constant has been No Malice. No Malice has made not promises of a new Clipse album or a hinted at returning to that style of music.

All three Clipse albums are very street in their construction, filled with violence, drugs and questionable behavior. These are things that No Malice has tried hard to remove himself from over the past four years. It would be impossible for him to make another Clipse album without sacrificing being “No Malice.”

While it’s disappointing to hear for long time fans, but as Gene Thornton is No Malice there can be no new Clipse album. This isn’t a necessary a bad, be happy for No Malice, he’s in a good place right now.

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