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Rapsody – “Hard to Choose”

Hands down, for the last five years, Rapsody has been consistently once of the best MCs in all of Hip-Hop. However, for mush of that same time, she has also been criminally overlooked. Truth be told it’s hard to succeed in the music business; there are limits spots up top, less so if your are a lady. Across all genre, it feels as if there is only room for one “it” girl at a time and to be that person, it appears so many compromises have to be made.

Rapsody is sticking to her guns (culture over everything), buts she’s lays out how at times that’s easier said that done.  It’s clear Rapsody not in this for the fame. “I know no scale is tipped in no black girls’ favors…Loyal to all but when I look at these black girls’ faces/ I understand why I chose to be better not basic.” There some deep perspective here and one can get clear understanding of her passion, frustration, and love for the people.

Her newest EP, Beauty and The Beast, drops Octobers 7th on digital outlets


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